Am I Guilty?

This Friday, I did something that I had never done before.

A new day had dawned and I was repeating the same mundane routine, one I have for every other day. But today, a guy asked me for a lift to a nearby bank that came in my way to the office. At first I said no and went ahead slowly wading my bike through the mud. At the end of the street though, I stopped and watched the man as he was slowly finding spots to land his feet on the safe places as I would myself do. Was I guilty?

Something audibly snapped inside me and I waved my hand to the guy to hop on the back. He hurried and was soon sitting behind me. While I was riding him to the bank. I kept asking myself, what has changed, why did I do that, I’ve never done anything like it before?

When I got no answer, I said, let’s do it! Lets have a guilt free day! I will not hold any guilt by the time the day ends.

So the day went on without me ever thinking about the pledge I took in the morning. And yet, when I came home in terrible back pain and analysed my day while having dinner, I realized something – I had no work pending for the day or even the weekend.

How did that happen? I usually am lazy enough to keep some work pending for the weekend when I know I’d have nothing else to do but not then. I read through the day again and recalled the good deed of my day and then the pledge. Had the pledge changed me?

How much do the subconscious vibes we create and emit from our head change our surroundings and our habits?

I delivered a lot that day and that had tired me but I was fine the way it ended. I had pushed a few people to their limits, given ideas that changed their views and done not too bad for myself.

I think blogging, the posts and your views on them are helping change me and motivate me to do things I’d never have done myself before. Thank You!

It doesn’t take a lot to do what you want to, if you are true to the idea and its ideology. And if I could do it, so can you!


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