Dreams Come True

I dreamt that Martin Guptill of New Zealand was scoring a century on Saturday against India and I woke up to find my dream had come true.

Another one of my most recurrent dream is – myself falling into an abyss, a dark hole right on top of an iron. And yet I’ve never done so.

Why this sudden shift towards dreams realization?

You know just the other day, a colleague of mine was telling me how his dreams had suddenly started coming true. Is this the season? Is this the year when our dreams and wishes come true?

I’d like to believe so, but the thing is what have we made our dreams to be? I have a theory. Dreams are your subconscious reminding you to stay true to your wishes, wishes long forgotten and lost but so loved deep down in your heart that your body, your veins and the blood in it, just re-emphasizes the power of your wishes and dreams from time to time.

But this certainly doesn’t explain the one dream that I told you about where I fall?

Will anyone care to explain?


4 thoughts on “Dreams Come True”

  1. dreams always come in subconscious condition But never belive in dreams it always be happend true when you really work on them.


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