Daily Prompt – Write Here, Write Now

A pair of curtains hangs freely, loose to make me feel the wind.

A refrigerator hums to life feeling the warmth in this chilly winter.

A portrait with 2 happy faces lies gathering dust.

A chair sits waiting for a sit.

A table lies waiting for a mop.

A dog sleeps giving a tough snoring competition to my neighbor.

A half full glass of juice waits to get sipped.

A television set shows crap.

I lie on my couch typing present tenses in a gloomy lonely home.

My wife calls me and lets me know of her excitement about her 2 dogs she has petted.

Headphones bang in my head killing the deafening silence.

A heart hums to meet another.

A clock ticks me into another day.

The refrigerator starts again and falls silent.

The TV is still dumb showing crap.

And I’ve had enough of this present tense that only reminds me of my past.

The way I see it – past is imperfect, present is tense and the future beckons.


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