Introverts Unmasked

Well I’m the most introvert of the people you’ll meet and this may as well be a kind of introduction.

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introvert14Sunday’s post, I’m Having an Introvert Day, must have been divinely inspired because it taught me something huge about myself and spoke to so many of you.  I love it when the universe pops something brilliant into my head.  The post is taking me on a fascinating journey.  Come with me as I unmask the Introvert.

Hi.  I’m Chris, and I’m an introvert.  Until three days ago I wouldn’t have used that word to describe me.  I thought introverts were shy people.  I’m not shy, I just have moments… okay, whole days sometimes… when I want to be left alone.

Being an introvert or extrovert has nothing to do with how shy or gregarious you are.  The difference between the two is in how you recharge your energy. 

Introverts need quiet alone time to recharge.  They spend time reading, thinking, listening to music.  Quiet time.  Alone time.  “In your…

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2 thoughts on “Introverts Unmasked”

  1. introvert does not mean you are all alone actually it means how better you understand yourself. only introvert person can do better for others feeling.


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