The Undoable Daily Prompts


It’s pin drop silence in my room with my fingers tapping at my keyboard furiously to keep my anger away at yet another failure. I can’t help but smirk at myself, shrug my shoulders and ask myself – what the hell am I made of? A plastic? A piece of paper? Un-malleable and easily burnt?

I mean Daily Prompt throws at me 2 difficult tasks and I cower away like a batsman who can’t play a short ball? It’s been 2 days now that I haven’t published anything for Daily Prompts now. I had almost made them my target for this year but just 2 days of difficulty are making me reconsider my absolute aim and whether I’ll be able to meet it. Two prompts that have reminded me of my un-shruggable weaknesses. The highlight among them is – I don’t read enough. I take so much time writing so little that reading doesn’t get its top place in my itinerary.

Let there be peace. Let there be love. And let there be a quiet for that’s the one before a storm. I’m embarking on a journey that promises to blow a few heads away.

So let me tell you how my so-sought-after Saturday went.

I got up early or let me just say I didn’t sleep that night. It was an unhindered enthralling sense of insomnia that had turned my sleep into a long sequence of dreams that made no sense at all, well this sentence didn’t make sense at all too! I haven’t gotten over it, have I? Let me shorten this up – I didn’t sleep and yet I somehow woke up at 10:00 am, you know how it happens (if you don’t, think it up). So I freshened up and headed straight to the first bank. I caught up with the manager who broke the ice inside my head and informed me right on my face that what I was going to invest into was stupid and I should refrain from doing it. I couldn’t believe him. Their website says that investment would help my credit score. But this is the catch I guess – it says it’ll help my credit score and not credit history. So my idea of applying for a credit card using a fixed deposit account was basically me getting a credit card against security and it won’t help my already robust credit score.

So what do I do? The manager made me catch up with their account manager who explained to me the nitigrities of how things worked and I understood that my concept about the said investment was wrong. He calmly offered me a solution for the situation. He called his credit manager, told him my situation and both of us exchanged numbers with him giving me a list of documents to submit so he could analyze them himself and get them analyzed by his backend team. I said fair enough. At least someone showed interest. We shook hands and separated.

I then went to my bank, one with my salary account, to get a second view on things where the very “intelligent” guy at the reception didn’t even let me in and tried explaining the solution to my situation right at the front desk. I said OK, lets see what you’ve got! He told me that I’d have to raise a dispute with CIBIL (the credit bureau) about my position and send them my documents and that is when they’ll help my case.

So this is what I’m supposed to do. Let me get my hands dirty then, bring it on CIBIL, you damn you!

I then got the tires on my bike changed from MRF to brand new Michelins. AAAAAH that feeling of power over the roads, its twists and turns and whatever it can throw at you. I got a lot of pending work done on my bike as well. It’s been silently nodding its appreciation towards me since then. With every notch of increasing throttle, it gives me a better response and clicks its way to heaven. Man I love my bike!

I also found a brand new South Indian Dosa shop right in the middle of where I live. How the hell have I been missing it for so long? Anyways those dosas are heavenly. Pop up at my home and I’ll tell you why those dosas are awesome and why you were licking your fingers and slurping your lips all the while you were gorging on those beautiful round things made from heaven.

You know, while I’m at it, let me just show my appreciation to someone whom I really adore as a blogger and would like to follow him forever. Let me just dedicate this post to that someone special. Please allow me to well – FLATTER MYSELF!

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