Karma – Lets Screw It


The quote above is fine. Just remove the part where it says it’s Karma.

I have a feeling that someone at WordPress is getting really bored of what he does there and thus, we get such ruined topics to write about. Hello Hello! Wakey Wakey! You want some coffee. I can make one for you. I’m pretty decent at it.

Anyways now that we do have the topic, let me just say that I started believing in consequences during my college and I never knew it then. And it all started with how the lines on my palms started changing with all the hard work I put in then. I know there is science behind it but I genuinely started believing in consequences. For all your actions, you change the way air flows around you, you manipulate the invisible energy force to either positive or negative depending on the type of your deeds, good or bad. That’s how people start to see you, feel you and believe you.

All that you put in will reap you rewards further in your life. You know who will benefit the most if karma really existed? The good people. The ones who believe in doing good and being good. The ones to lose the most will be Politicians. Damned liars, all of them.

If I had to change something in my life if karma really existed, I’d say – “FUCK IT”! I don’t give a shit to it as long as I’m good to everyone for I won’t have to worry about the consequences anymore. I can’t think about it every time I do something. Let me just concentrate on making it the best. I can then enjoy my ride better than worry about how the destination would look like. Yes, I won’t change a single thing.

15 thoughts on “Karma – Lets Screw It”

    1. Well another lifetime is “another” lifetime. Why waste our present by pondering over what will be? Lets just take care of what we do now and be good at it and to others in the process. And that’s where you are truly right when you say the intentions behind our actions are what truly count. I totally agree to your point! 😀


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