5 People You Try Not To Hate


There are always a few people you try hard not to hate but end up hating them anyways. Well some of the boasters may say, I don’t hate anyone and love and all – please keep that blab to yourself. All of you hate someone and I happen to have a few people who you may hate knowingly or unknowingly (only for you to realize it now), if they are not exactly the likeable kind –

1. Your Boss

I don’t think many will argue about this. Most bosses are hard asses who work you up everyday for a year only to leave you high and dry at the end of your appraisal cycle. But you can’t live without them for they are your paymasters, your wealth providers and the sore of many the eyes!

2. Your Maid

Clean it this way. Cook it that way. Use lesser oil. Where the fuck is all my ration going? RATS!!! Yes, they can be a real pain in the ass for some of them just don’t want to give up using their own brains even when instructions are as simple as – “You don’t have to make my bed. Just leave it as it is. You waste a lot of time on silly stuff already. Try and hang clothes for drying. Dust the couches better. Just don’t make my bed!”. And what do you get the next day – clothes in the dryer, dirty couch and a made up bed. But you have live with them but no one else can do the rest of the work they do.

3. That Ass of a friend

All of us have that friend that’ll pop into your home uninvited and you have to pretend to entertain them when all you want is to lie in your bed and watch TV or have sex or whatever. But they won’t leave. They have all the interesting topics on this planet to discuss right then. “You know what your neighbor was doing the other evening”, “I love your dog, you know. He doesn’t poop in your living room”! – right when you’d just kill for some alone time without that nagging voice. If you’ve gotta come in and waste my time, better pop in with whiskey or beer or you are totally uninvited – EVEN I NEED A PAST TIME! But you have to live with them, for they are invariably the ones with full LPG cooking gas cylinders when your own has emptied without a warning sign!

4. That Relative

Relatives are forever a pain in the ass, leave some that are really cool and really know how to hang out, ones with your brain wave frequency. Rest all just shower gifts to show off their accumulated wealth, give rotten age-old advises, are pathetic when drunk and leave your house full of dirt for you can’t ask them to keep their shoes out the door! But you have to live with them for – you know – they are related to you through your parents!

5. That Store

That grocery store that’ll lend you stuff so you may pay for it at the end of every month. That spoiler! It’s the greatest guilt and you hate it. You hate to go there but your feet just lose control and there you are – right in front of the cashier’s desk giving reasons about how you’ll pay for everything on the 30th and he just smiles! That Devil that keeps you hooked! But you’ve got to live with him, for they are the ones there are when all you have left with you is a smile!


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