I’m Not Evil


End of my life? Legacy? You kidding me! Who the hell thinks about all this stuff? What were you doing exactly when the thought popped in your head, eh – The Daily Prompt maker?

It’s as if, what the hell, lets see, how funny can this sad topic get. Anyways since we’re on it, let me see how far can I take it.

Let me quote one Mr. Robbie Williams from his song “Feel” –

I don’t wanna die, but I ain’t keen on living either

Death for me is a far-fetched thought. I’ve seen people die and I get really sad when I think about those good souls. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I have to literally see it to believe it. But what I would like to be for the small little world of mine is an inspiration. When people think about me, they should think of me as a really honest man. If I bring tears to some eyes after I’m gone, they should be birthed by pride and happiness. They must all believe that I had a purpose in my life and I chased it as hard as I could. I don’t mean to pass on my legacy but at least the near and dear ones should remember me.

All I care about are truth and honest purpose. Try and remember me as someone who always had good thoughts about you unless I really despised you in which case I will make sure to let you know about you before I go. Try and love me after I’m gone for I can never treasure love. I don’t understand it properly enough to reciprocate it in the best possible way. Try and remember me as a practical guy who loved logic but was always inspired by his feelings.

I know people will never understand my perspective but I don’t want you to. Just believe in me and my good intentions. I’m not evil.

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