This Picture Was Taken 5 years after our college ended in fron t of the class in which were together punished for the firs time
This Picture Was Taken 5 years after our college ended in fron t of the class in which were together punished for the firs time

OK, I had to Google that! I had no clue what West End Girls meant and hence couldn’t connect its relevance to the description.

But I got that now – Pet Shop Boys and bla bla! I don’t cherish Pet Shop Boys as my lack of understanding would suggest and I’ll stop them right here, period.

But finally a topic, that makes sense. Tells you a lot about the author/writer/blogger, doesn’t it.

How many hands will raise if I ask my audience if they moved around a lot because their father moved a lot for his work? I’ll get many I know.

Short stays here, a longer stay there. Life was quite like that for us growing up. I don’t quite remember the cities I grew up in very early in my childhood. But I did revisit my birthplace for it’s proximity to my college after I finished school. Just couldn’t keep my hands off it. 🙂

Our surroundings in my early years were very earthly. I grew up in company provided colonies. Nearly everyone in my neighborhood had the same job varied only by their positions in the office. Everyone was an engineer – electrical, civil, electronics, mechanical – everything but a computer engineer! I grew up competing with my friends which I will admit sometimes went out of my hands and way above my head but it was all a part of a lot of fun and learning. School, breakfast, home, lunch, homework, cricket, dinner and sleep – this was my routine for all of my school years. Sounds kind of disciplinary doesn’t it and the hell it was.

I’m now thinking, this may be the reason I tend to fall so much towards mundane things with no fun. It was no fun. The best part of the day was obviously – school and cricket. I never frankly liked my home. Home was the last place I wanted to be and yet it was my safe house, my bunk.

I never had friends in school. They intruded me and my mind. Some casual acquaintances but nothing serious. I learnt mostly from my mother and teachers. They decided everything I’d do or won’t and how.

We lived in houses that were often invaded by snakes, dogs, cats, bees, birds. We lived in houses that were turned to homes by mom and dad. They would build huge gardens in every place that we ever lived in. It’s something both really cherish. Home grown fruits and vegetables often made our lunch and dinner and they were both naturally very proud of that.

We learnt riding and driving very young and dad especially made sure that I learnt to take care of my brother. We’d play for hours and hours together during our summer vacations, never getting tired. Board games, cricket, cycling, driving, video games and those fights over Hot Wheels toy cars. Who’d get what for his birthday and when both of ranked first in our class. We lived in towns no greater than Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. All of us knew all of us.

Party’s were common – birthdays especially. Picnics came too and with them came adventures and foolhardy games. It was all very normal.

And so came some of my current properties – introvert being one. I taste a lot of this world through my senses. Since, I’m alone most of my time, I think a lot. The most interesting part that I have and none in my family do is I’m prospective and not judgemental. A true ISTP.

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