Never Gonna Give You Up

HELL YEAH I’M FINICKY! If we are talking about vices that really turn me up and make me leave you, ooohhhhhh, they are aplenty. But lets just have one for the night or my hatred might spill out and the post may turn into a rant.

I found a word for it – Misophonia and wrote a post about it too –

Misophonia – Stop that sound please!!!

I’m severely MISOPHONIC and anyone who wants to spend more than few minutes with me, you better learn to eat with your lips shut tightly. They only open up to let you pass a nibble through your lip door and then it closes like a safe in a bank, so sound from the inside ever leaves it. EVER I SAY!

Not only does it make you like an ass but also gives me vomit sensations and my hunger turns to ashes!

The CHUP CHUP sound and the fact that you are truly trying to enjoy your food may just make it your last meal and get you laid to rest once and for all. THIS IS A WARNING!

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20 thoughts on “Never Gonna Give You Up”

  1. Reblogged this on Views Splash! and commented:

    Just to grab everyone’s attention here, that this prompt has repeated twice in 45 days. The daily prompt people are really out of ideas. The last one was about pet peeves as well and my post about Misophonia elaborated a bit on my greatest peeve.
    All my new followers can have a look at it!


    1. You noticed that too, huh? I’ve only been on wordpress for three months and I’ve noticed that they’ve been repeating several of their prompts…


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