It Ain’t Pretty

Sewn Up Heart
Sewn Up Heart

I’ll simply dedicate two simple songs for this tainted love post. Nothing much to write as those pages of my life are better left unvisited.

I’ve fallen “for love” than “in love”. And once you’ve fallen for love there’s no getting up till the bang of the end hits your face like a slap from reality. Reality then lets you hang from your hair in it’s hands and keeps kicking your gut till you finally make sense of the scene and stop crying. That pain is what builds you character, defines your learnings and tells you to stay firm when some pretty and believable silhouette approaches you from that one open door that lights your dark world. It’s so easy to fall into a trap, really. You may think I’m giving you some doze from a painfully depressing masochistic movie but it’s true.

You have to fall for love to know it. It’s when you are most desperate. And when love does arrive, it also brings with it a whole lot of false trust, strength and belief. You will give in to that love once you’ve fallen for that trap. You won’t know you’re being made a fool of but it’ll happen and soon, you debase your own reality, give up on your friends for that one silhouette of hope and love.

My advice – hold your pants and never let your prick fall out for anything but reality.

Here are the two songs though. The first is the reason you fall for love –

The next one is only because it gives simple enough reasons for a man to say why he’s a man –

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26 thoughts on “It Ain’t Pretty”

  1. “That pain is what builds you character, defines your learnings and tells you to stay firm when some pretty and believable silhouette approaches you from that one open door that lights your dark world” – so true!


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