Speak vs Write – A Literal Debate

Write Better
Write Better

What is it that is more naturally correct? Writing or speaking?

I think the essence of answer to this question lies more in the answer to another question – which one hurts more?

As I write this post I am seriously contemplating, how important is spontaneity when replying verbally?

When we speak, the words that leave our lips are irrevocable. And when those words are meant to hurt someone, they may leave lasting scars. Those words are never a medicine to mend some wounds. They are what they are, knives disguised as scalpels. And they invariably achieve what they were set out to – blast the last shred of skin off the heart. The listener is more often than not supposed to act irrationally and may even cut the speaker short with a rebound of even harsher words or simply resort to violence. It’s also important to note that many would say the volume at which the words are spoken also holds a lot of importance. I’d advise them to visit me once. I’ll show them, hands on, how I can do what many can’t at maintainable and audible volumes. It’s the words that matter my friends. Having verbal duels also has another aspect – the face of the speaker is right in front of the listener and it certainly makes matters a lot worse. Those extraordinary unintentional unpractised wrinkles that pop out from the forehead and cheeks combined with strong lip action may lend an even more expansive expression than what may have been intended. I know for sure, because it happens to me everyday in my 10-7 shifts 5 days of every week.

When we write though, the words are measured, thought out and often done with a calmer head. Not that written words don’t hurt, but they also lend a certain meaning to the scars they are about to impress. The reader may blow his head off for he has no one to face right then, but that’s what negates violence, lets heads cool and rational actions follow. It also gives listeners a good amount of time to offer better thought out answers for very difficult or irritating questions or arguments. But then what’s written can never be taken back too. You may burn those letters, erase those emails or scratch them off but they have made their presence felt and in a more permanent way than their verbal counterparts.

My advice – just be careful whichever you go for. I prefer the written ones for they prove that the words actually existed. They give you a lot of options and all confusion can be resolved after a rational discussion. They are both necessary but be mellow, for everyone has their ego that they are trying to fulfil by working hard everyday. Life isn’t all fun and lets not make it bitter for anyone by infusing unnecessary poison.


6 thoughts on “Speak vs Write – A Literal Debate”

  1. This is interesting to me, because I tend to think of writing as just conversation on a page. We’ve gotten less conscious about how we write what we write in the age of social media, which is asynchronous and faceless. So much of what we say, in person, is built on the non-verbal cues we give one another, things that we cannot properly convey through writing.

    Language is a complex creature.


    1. Not bringing social media in my post was actually intentional! I skipped it because we then concentrated on pure writing but as you’ve brought up the point, I’ll say social media, although it has opened up gates of communication, it has polluted it too! The basic feel of writing and it’s essence stands lost because social media promotes “What We Speak, We Write” concept which isn’t exactly what “What We Think, We Write Properly” stands for! 😀
      Thanks for your interesting comment, please do reply if you think we can continue this conversation! 😀


      1. Ah, but is not all writing communication? Aren’t we always having a conversation of some sort? And who decides what writing properly means?

        Factors differ, and tone, style, and format must differ as purpose, audience, and topic dictate. I think that’s part of what makes social media so interesting–as a new medium, it dictates new ways of writing.


        1. This post is about segregating communication into speaking and writing and comparing them… yes, both of them are about communication and social media totally promotes it… I agree 100% on your point and our style of communication will definitely differ from person to person as communication is all about getting out thoughts across to someone. I’m saying that whichever way you choose to communicate in, try not to step onto someones tail for it hurts and written communication is hence, the safer bet of the two. 😀


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