Walking On The Moon – You Kidding!

The Best Moon-Walker on Earth
The Best Moon-Walker on Earth

Have I ever walked on the moon? No I haven’t. I don’t have that imagination. Moon has a great face but I can’t look at it every night. I get bored.

Would I like to walk on it? Nope. I am a man of small steps. I learnt it the hard way that it’s the way life forms around you, one small step at a time. But yes, I have tried two large steps for the size of my own steps and succeeded once and failed once.

I was about to test untested waters. I was about to drink the elixir to success. But what an experience it was. After spending a year waiting for my results and reappearing in my exams, when I’d almost given on possibilities of leading a normal enough life, I enrolled for a course in Mainframes at the advice from one of my kind seniors. It was a rage back then and everyone who could get into one of these courses considered himself blessed. But only a few got through for everyone forgot one very basic aspect of recruitment – Aptitude. Not to boast of my skills in non-technical areas, but I’m pretty heavily loaded on that side. In this course though, I came out in flying colors and got my first job at Accenture. It wasn’t that hunky dory as it sounds here but I’m skipping very many details for my readers convenience. I guess “walking on the moon” doesn’t even start to cover the elation I felt when I got through my last practical exam! It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

Yet 4 years later, I was at crossroads again. Get married or not? I gave up on relentless insistence from my parents and some from my heart too but what a decision that was. If I had ever thought that I’d known the world enough, I was about to be proven grossly wrong! It was a whole new meaning of dealing with the world. The number of relatives tripled overnight and I suddenly had to remember every name that popped in discussions with my wife. I had to deal with grocery stores and bill milk packets and vegetables. A visit to a supermarket was a must for our requirements had gone “Super”. I failed miserably and as this prompt will say – “I broke my leg walking on the moon”. But I’ve recovered. A few bruises hither and thither, I feel fit enough to deal another round with life. Just no bad news please. I’m petrified!

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