Happy Birthday Chump!

I Want That Game
I Want That Game

And there they were! All his relatives in suits and ties – aunts, uncles, grandma. They weren’t supposed to be there but as luck would have it, the day coincided with a pretty important festival on a Hindu calendar. He hated it. It was all so crowded. When all that the little boy wants is a nice birthday cake and party, what he gets are old people, showering blessings who made him sit thru a prayer session.

He was pissed. He cried. And when he couldn’t take it anymore, his hands shivered through the cake cutting ceremony. He wanted – “The Game Of Life” for his present. Not only it was not there, there were no presents at all. How was this happening to him?

But then a spark illuminated his dark day. His dads sister offered him the gift he’d wanted. They went out, ate ice creams and bought that game and some. Nothing could have made him happier!

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13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chump!”

    1. I thought about your comment for a long time and just realized that I never wanted to take it in the first place. I forced myself into it. Thing is I had so much to do on my blog, I never had time to write with my ever so slow internet connection. Yet I went for it for they’ll all count for my writing practice! 😀


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