Beats Till My Heart Beats

Dave Lombardo
Dave Lombardo

I’m not doing this prompt! I have no time for it.

I have my bands jamming session to catch up to! So I’ll keep it really short. I do the opposite things in the band. I am either a singer or more preferably a drummer! Oh how I love those sticks in my hands when I vent out my anger on that poor set. I love playing.

It gives a rhythm to my heart. And that song. That song that I won’t write. I just give the one thing that a song requires the most – a beat. I’m that heartbeat that keeps a song rolling, never letting it die. I decide the pace or I keep up with the pace. Because if I slow down, I take matters in my own hands. That’s when a band looks at me and we improvise. That crispy sound, the clear cling from a cymbal, the thump from the pad, the crash from the crashes and the beat from the bass. I give it all. I love it all.

For all you health freaks, it’s a better exercise than anything you’d want to believe.

Nope I’m the drummer. Fuck the singer! I wish I was Dave Lombardo from the “Skeleton Christ” or “Cult”! 😀

Lets see who is what in a band

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32 thoughts on “Beats Till My Heart Beats”

    1. Hehehehe… No I’m not a drummer… just pretending to be one! 😦
      But I really want to learn drumming… it’s one the goals of my life! Just waiting for the best drum kit in my house!


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