Pardon Me Please!

Today, after getting the hell bored from my previous theme, I decided to make a serious effort into converting my blog into a more usable form. The focus was getting links into sight and the ease of reaching better articles, articles that you guys have rated better and more people would like to read them.

I had pushed 2014 theme on and off and trying what I could do with it that goes perfectly with the theme colors and the provided layout.

So, please bear with me for a few days while I get the perfect thing going. I may keep changing backgrounds and theme colors to go with it, but that’s where it’ll stop. The layout will remain the same.

Holy hell, it’s so hard to meet perfection for free!

Please do let me know, if the transition is to better or worse… I’ll be waiting for responses.


2 thoughts on “Pardon Me Please!”

  1. I cant tell if your previous layout was better or this one as I’m kind of new to your blog. I’ve not seen it very often so far to give you opinion about that.
    But I do recommend changing the color, this shade of blue gives it a ….ummm…how should I put it, a uniform like feel. I don’t know how to describe it. Although its just my outlook, if you like it you should keep it 🙂


  2. That’s absolutely fine and thanks a lot for coming out and letting me know your opinion about the color… My endeavor with this theme change will be to wring in new colors that amplify my tag name and quite sadly that isn’t happening as yet and hence, I got stuck to the blue theme. But as you may see, I have changed it. Please do let me know about this one too! 😀


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