Unexplained Absence

Ok… I’ve had 3 of the most disconnected days ever since I got into job. Thursday night, it rained so rough here, I couldn’t connect to the internet the next morning and so I thought my internet went bust. I posted on Friday using my cellphone’s internet connection but it was so slow, it took me ages to post a single post and as I posted two, it got me very late and I woke up very late on Saturday.

In the afternoon, I decided to scrap my fitness plans for this month and get my laptop repaired instead. Man it was so difficult maintaining my temper with all the morons who were around me, the repairmen, the food stall guy, and especially the guy at the reception who acted like I broke HIS computer. Damn him!

Anyways, I got my laptop repaired and serviced and got a huge bargain to show for it. I got myself a new wireless router, a new webcam, and a smart little data stick. Man, I was so happy at such bargains when I returned home to find that the guy had sold me a switch than a router.

Damn I had to return 10 kms again to get the switch replaced by a wireless router – a fine one at that. Now that I got everything settled, I decided to not do anything on the internet but read a long pending book – The Associate by John Grisham. And boy did I finish it!

It’s a good book for it gives a very detailed look into the intricate details and makes the scenes very picturesque but I didn’t like the end! It was quite predictable right after you knew who the protagonist of the novel was. A lot of unexplained chapters especially the villain and the romance between the protagonist and his heroine.

But it’s a one time read. Try it!


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