I Died In My Dream Tonight – TWICE!

Have you ever died in your own dreams? Anytime, anyhow, whichever way?

I did. TWICE in one big dream. And guess who killed me – I did. I killed myself twice in a dream. In one of them, I actually carefully inserted a huge knife inside “the me”, who was spread eagled on a bed – tied tight! I saw myself struggle and die.

In the next instance, I killed my other self by smashing my face with a hammer. I felt no pain. I would have smiled, I know I would’ve because there was relief. I don’t remember any other detail from the dream. But is it even possible to see yourself in your own dream? I thought it was impossible.

I woke up all sweaty, tired, but very relieved. My shoulders were lighter, there was no ache that pounded my back. I was seeing clearer and found myself filled with energy. I know I can Google all my answers but I’d like anyone among my audience to explain what I went through?


12 thoughts on “I Died In My Dream Tonight – TWICE!”

  1. I used to die a lot in my dreams, mostly by suicide so I can wake up. At those times, I did not have the lucid control that I have now. Other then that, I once dreamed a witch killed me with a spell.
    Dream interpretation varies from person to person, dream to dream, symbol to symbol and so, so consider this opinion to be completely my own without handbooks, links and shiz:
    You are facing a call to action or are engaged in activities, desires and such which require of you to give them more strenght and determination. Your daily life asks of you what is called the exibited emotions of the masculine dream archetypes: strenght, determination, coming to peace with situations, grabbing them by the throat and executing them, action, fire, flame, haste, energy.

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      1. Its more of a: you are already doing something, but you are doing it halfassed, not dedicating yourself enough to whatever it is that you set out to achieve, and it is a thing you want.


  2. Death relates to change, a new self, breaking out of restrictions (set by self, more often than not!); your dreams seem, to me, to pulse with liberation, with positive energy, as if you are in the process of shedding a skin of your psyche for which you have no further use.


    1. How I wish this were true! In a few days, I’m about to start a whole new life, with new perspective from the outside. I just wish I’m in better shape to deal with it. I’ve had suicidal dreams before but this is a whole new episode. It was so real!
      Thanks a ton for shedding some light on my position. I just wish you are a 100% true! 😀


      1. Absolutely! There are pre-cognitive dreams, and the more symbolic kind; the skill, I guess (and I am not an expert!), lies in separating the two.


  3. I wrote a long blog post a few days back on my interpretation of dreams if you want to read it. But the long and short of it is that I don’t think you need to be worried about dying in your dreams. Though you might want to consider (not worry, just consider) why it’s you who’s doing the killing… ^_^


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