Indian Bloggers

I’m perplexed. A year and half into my journey at WordPress, I am yet to understand, why can’t I and how do I engage Indian readers?

I am sure, my efforts to engage them may surely have lagged and so except for a select few, none have continued their journey with me. I keep asking myself, why don’t I reconcile better with my fellow countrymen? Anyone who would want to simplify my situation?


4 thoughts on “Indian Bloggers”

    1. I think so too but I’m quite sure I try to do that to all my readers, not just being prejudiced towards Indians per se! I try to read all thats possible, from everyone whom I can read. I just may need to revisit my followers and see if I’ve ignored some people! Great idea… thanks! 😀
      And please be here, keep visiting and liking my content! 😀 I’ll make sure I do that for you too!


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