I Surrender

I’m at my most peaceful in my evenings. Right after dinner and an episode of “Two and a Half Men”, it starts to roll into a steady relationship with my mind.

A heart pounding from libation, some beats hooked up in my ears and I’m all set to visit you guys. But guess what’s been dampening my spark, guess what’s been interrupting my peace and ooooohhh it’s so very uninvited – Rains!

Since past 4 days, at sharp 9 o’clock, after I’m back from my office, it starts to pour as if it’s the end of the damn world and doesn’t stop till I lose my internet connection. Damn these cables, that are so dear to replace. I’ll get you buggers come the next month.

This rain is winning the battle but I’ll win the war, you’ll see. And as I wait to lose my connection today, I surrender, for I can’t win against nature.

Lets see how many have already surrendered

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7 thoughts on “I Surrender”

  1. I can’t fight with nature is what irks me the most. It started to snow from December,January,February and this is March, there is no sign of nature giving us a break from snow.The weatherman says we’ll have another snowstorm tomorrow. I’m so fed up, I can’t help but complain.


  2. Never surrender! Always fight with an umbrella in the battles with rain..actually, now that I review this post’s photo of matches, imagine an umbrella that was actually a torch and extinguished rain as you walked through it? The more you point out my imagination, the crazier it gets… 😛


  3. Dear Samir,
    We are expecting a blizzard today here in Rochester, a foot of snow they say, so far nothing… I am staying home, just in case, plenty to do here. We will see what happens by the end of the day…
    Best wishes to you today.


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