Bill Off the Street

A few days ago Mr. Bill Gates said that he would still pick up the 10 dollar bill off from the street. Ok! My question for all of you is –

Who is better – the man who picks up that bill but knows he shouldn’t have, for he’d be stealing or the man who doesn’t pick it up fearing he’d be caught stealing?

I say there is a third person who’s most correct – a man who either picks up the bill or doesn’t but does it being himself. He never pretends to the world who he isn’t. The other two are masked men, who’d pounce upon every single opportunity when they get them, but the third never betrays his conscience. He remains true whether he is correct or otherwise.

The first man who does pick up the bill, may not want to kill anyone or do any harm. Whereas the man who doesn’t pick up the bill, could be a fraudster or someone who loves living inside a blanket!

Do let me know what you think about this discussion.


7 thoughts on “Bill Off the Street”

  1. To answer your question. I’ll have to write it in a way which makes sense, first of all the dollar on the street,playground,in a shopping center is dropped by someone who no one knows anyone who picks it up cannot be called a thief he/she did not take the money from the owner. Whoever picks it up has the legitimate right to do so. As the saying goes “finders keepers,losers weepers”.
    This is my answer to you.


    1. well that’s one way of putting it! 😀
      My question is regarding their conscience though… which man is correct considering the act of picking up the bill isn’t wrong?


  2. I find this very interesting. What you said about the man who picks up the bill but knows he shouldn’t could possibly be stealing, is pretty cool. I don’t think I wouldn’t seen it that way. But in the end, I’m on board with the idea of him picking it up because he’s being himself. We often get caught up with doing things that will make us look good or what have you, and we kind of lose who we are. It’s really important to just be you, no matter what people might make of it.


  3. If I see a person drop money, I would give it back to them. If I see money under a table and someone is sitting there, I’ll ask if they dropped it. Same if I see money on the ground while standing in line and someone is near it. However, if I find money on the street but have no idea how it got there, then it’s mine to keep. Unless it’s in a wallet, then I turn it into the police and let them deal with it. Seriously, it’s not that difficult.


  4. I’ve not found money on the ground before like that…but I’ve found a wallet and made sure to contact/return it to the stranger, FULLY as I found it, and let me tell you, THEY could not have been happier and I think I smiled for a week after seeing their relief…it was lucky, the wallet was found in an intersection after flying off the top of their car!


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