Devils in Disguise

When I hear the word ‘disguise‘, the only people I think about are rapists – the greatest scar on the face of this earth! Men who don’t respect women. What does it take to stop yourself to have any physical contact with an unknown woman?

They are common people, living among us, happy-go-lucky on the outside, poking fun at every chance. But deep down, they scorn women. They believe they have to show their power over the opposite sex for, heaven knows, what reason. Women who are our equals.

Bloody morons – you were born out of them. They always have power over you. Don’t you ever think that when you rape women, women still have power over you. You are raping only because you feel forced to exhibit your physical power you but the real part of you has already given in to temptation of fiddling with the opposite sex and break it’s spirit, when clearly it’s your spirit that’s broken.

These men are hideous. They are dangerous. Yet you may never find out who might they be till they actually commit the heinous crime.

Beware – they are always among us. Keep your ears and eyes open. Recognize their disguise and deception.

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12 thoughts on “Devils in Disguise”

  1. Also, keep in mind that there *are* women out there who rape men (and other women), and there are men out there who rape other men. Not to mention the horrors who go after children of both sexes. It’s not gender nor age specific. All rapists are monsters who should be eradicated, but let’s not demonize the male gender because the majority of rapist happen to be male.


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