Bill Off the Street – Update

I had a few answers to my post – Bill Off the Street.

I take it from among the people who replied, that they took to whether the act of picking up the bill was questioned. Trust me it wasn’t, and if I couldn’t convey it clear enough in my post, I humbly apologize. I couldn’t reply to a few of the people who replied individually because they derived and shared a common meaning from the post and I sincerely apologize for that too.

The act of picking up the bill was never questioned. The question was, which man among the following two is better –

1. A man who picks up the bill but thinks he may be stealing.

2. A man who doesn’t pick up the bill for he thinks he may get caught stealing.

My choice was a third who would either steal it or not but did it from his nature. He never faked to the world about it. The above two are fakes.

Stealing in this question is a mere perception of the protagonist in the scene. As he stands there in the center of the market, watching that 10 dollar bill, does he think he is stealing? I am questioning the conscience of the person and not the act. Why does he do it is the question? Why a sudden interest in a 10 dollar bill? Why do anything about it? And if there is an interest, what does he plan to do with it?

When I thought about it, I could only see three cases clearly –

1. A man picks up the bill

2. He doesn’t pick up the bill

3. He ignores the bill

Someone gave me a very good answer and trust me, I didn’t see it coming, which adds the fourth to the above. She said: “If I pick up that bill, a lot of people will think I’m stealing when I clearly know I’m not. I know I’m not stealing because I know what to do with it which is a good deed per me – I’ll deposit the bill in a charity box at any temple, never once putting it my purse. I’ll carry it in my palms, so no temptation ever creeps in my head. On the other hand, I’ll only not pick it because I think people will think I’m stealing”.

She very clearly added the motive behind any of the action – falling for the temptation, stopping before the temptation got the best out of you, or ignoring the temptation.

What do you think of it now? Every action definitely has a motive behind it. Whatever you plan from the outcome of the action defines whether the action stood for the good cause or bad.

Please care to continue this conversation. I believe she has a point.


2 thoughts on “Bill Off the Street – Update”

  1. Ah, I see it better now. 🙂 Very interesting concept – I wonder also, the “pick it up or not pick it up” situation changes depending on if the bill is in a populated area (people see you do whatever) OR you are alone on a street? People, hopefully, would always be their true selves alone…even better, in the open too.


    1. Yes… and how elders always teach us! It was my mother who gave me that teaching and I very much agree! 😀
      But thank a ton Christine… you have always brought the best emotion from me! 😀


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