Home Sweet Home

Give me a PC, my hard drive and I can stay inside my home for eternity. And lingering won’t even start to define my experience. I hate seeing strange faces, smelling strange things, walking in the mud (which you find a lot outside my home). I can live inside my house forever if they start paying me to do my job from home.

There’s only one place I ever want to be in all the time – that’s home!

I do have an alternative though. The last time when I visited a hill station, it was Dhanolti. I can spend an entire day on the slopes of the hills there. No complaints.

The last time I visited a beach, it was Goa. My wife is in Goa now and she says she has found a lot many hidden beaches there that she absolutely loved. If she loved ’em, it’s guaranteed that I’ll like ’em too. So one of those hidden beaches that get my ass to stick on the sand can also be the spot to linger.

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32 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

    1. Yeah they are, aren’t they! And houses are the best things today! Happy St. Pats to you too! 😀
      Just so you know we celebrate Holi, day when Indians offer respect to women and killing bad spirits! Happy Holi! 😀


  1. Nice to know you’ll be happy with a P.C, hilly place or a sandy beach and stay in any of these places forever. Really what about our awesome world, the astonishing buildings , you’ll let them go by you won’t miss them,it’s hard to believe.


    1. I’m a very detached person Ranu… those things never interest me! They may be good to watch for a million other people but home or nature is where I’ll forever belong… places that provide automatic comfort! 😀


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