Yeah I’m bitten. I have a secret love bug that bites my ass each time I see a beautiful woman. It’s true, so true that you can see me scratch a cheek that very moment – yeah yeah, that shy dirty way, swaying my head away so no one notices me! I have a nasty habit of staring at things that grab my attention and that includes women. I see them till I’ve noted everything. Nope not in a bad way at all, in fact, as my wife will tell you now, it’s in my nature to seek details – whichever sense they entail.

Homing in on 5 years of marriage and it still holds true. I’ve never stopped staring at women, I guess I never will. What has changed though, is the women don’t change now, they’re none but one, she’s the one and only one – my wife. She doesn’t mind me doing any of the rotten stuff that I do, except the real disgusting ones, for she is my center of attraction all the time and oh how she loves attention!

Not that I went anywhere but home when I was single, but then it was sheer habit. After marriage though, it isn’t any habit, but her that I come home for. Such is the hurry, colleagues hardly see me in office after 7. Straight, without a thought, at the gate, honk, shrek barks, and I see her as I enter my home, all fresh, smelling flowers or strawberries, turns all of that shitty day right around – trust me!

I’ve also noticed that I fall head over heels for women with power, in any form. And she’s nothing but power. Power to attract, power to charm, power to talk, power to love, power, power, power!

I’ll let you in on a secret, shhh, quiet down, yes you, the one munching, else she’ll hear me – I do really weird stuff to grab her attention. I think she doesn’t know it yet or she does and I’m the fool again, but the point is, I often throw tantrums just to grab her attention, her eyes as she walks by, as she cooks, as she watches TV.

I love you baby – although I have no clue what love is. I just hope it never changes!

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22 thoughts on “Bitten”

  1. your flow of words is amazing… seems it comes naturally to you… great blog.
    I am a blogger from India, Delhi… visit my page and pls share your comments


      1. I think your lovely wife loves you more than you love her. She puts up with you. Please answer truthfully: if your wife did that sort of thing, would you like it?


        1. Oh no I wouldn’t like it… but isn’t it a part of a dynamic… where I tease, then she gets angry and I get a better moment to get closer to her and then she says – don’t do it the next time with a smile? I think it’s cute… she knows it! 😀


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