I’m Sorry?

I’ve said these two words a lot in the last few weeks! I need an opinion though – do I come out weak when I say them and seem weak too or I may seem weak but I always come out strong? Is there any third alternative?

Kinda puzzles me!


11 thoughts on “I’m Sorry?”

  1. To say,”I am sorry ” does not show weakness, all it says if something you said to someone which hurt her/his feelings.It shows you are a caring person and you don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings.This is what I think. I say sorry all the time.


  2. Sincerity matters!

    People use “I’m sorry” almost for every other thing nowadays. Like if you bump into someone, startle them or even if you are holding up the line.

    A better way to express your feelings would be “I Apologize”. Trust me, I have tried this little tweak and already feel much better about it.

    What this has done for me is that I do not mind saying “I’m sorry” anymore because I know I would use other two words when I truly am. Nor am I surprised when I hear someone else say them to me.

    Talking about whether it shows weakness or strength, it takes strength to actually forgive and ask for it.



  3. Accepting your mistake takes courage,so saying sorry doesn’t show weakness at all.In fact many relationships can be saved just by using these two simple words. šŸ™‚


    1. Well any help will do… just about anything… even forgetting a box of chocolate will do even when I seriously want to send it! Just kidding… See you helped… you commented! Thanks for that good person part as well although I get that a lot along with “you’re a fool, people make fun of you behind your back, why do you trust them so easily” and all! šŸ˜€


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