I’ll consider it late to post at 1:00 am when I have office to go to tomorrow. I just can’t post today. Read the daily prompt and trust me, I’ve written so much about music already and my taste in it that it doesn’t seem worthwhile spending my time on it. Although I will inform you that I’ll join a few prompts this weekend so that I post for the best one of them everyday and don’t miss on my writing like tonight. It’s a bad excuse really, but I feel really lazy tonight! I have an ache in my left calf muscle, my head, and my shoulders are stiff!

Pardon me for boring you with this stuff but my dear readers have got to know why I didn’t write today!

Thank You and Good Night!


5 thoughts on “Absence”

  1. I completely understand. I struggle daily trying to figure out what to write on my blog as I have just started. I am sure you deserve a break.


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