Never Gonna Give You Up

Just to grab everyone’s attention here, that this prompt has repeated twice in 45 days. The daily prompt people are really out of ideas. The last one was about pet peeves as well and my post about Misophonia elaborated a bit on my greatest peeve.
All my new followers can have a look at it!

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HELL YEAH I’M FINICKY! If we are talking about vices that really turn me up and make me leave you, ooohhhhhh, they are aplenty. But lets just have one for the night or my hatred might spill out and the post may turn into a rant.

I found a word for it – Misophonia and wrote a post about it too –

Misophonia – Stop that sound please!!!

I’m severely MISOPHONIC and anyone who wants to spend more than few minutes with me, you better learn to eat with your lips shut tightly. They only open up to let you pass a nibble through your lip door and then it closes like a safe in a bank, so sound from the inside ever leaves it. EVER I SAY!

Not only does it make you like an ass but also gives me vomit sensations and my hunger turns to ashes!


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16 thoughts on “Never Gonna Give You Up”

    1. I don’t like munching sounds… the opening of the wrapper… the sound from someones mouth when they are munching with their mouth open wide like the picture along with this post… I don’t understand why do people chew chewing gums with their mouths open so wide? 🙂
      I love sounds for they create an aura nothing else can beat… I just don’t like that aura getting disturbed! 😀


      1. Thank you now I clearly understand which sounds you dislike. I dislike chewing gum and also find it irritating to see people chewing it and getting it out to show the balloon like form I find it distasteful.


  1. Reading blogs with your computer speakers turned off is magically quiet. I wonder, what it would be like if I were to paint food products being eaten…would there be sounds? Much like the riddle, does a tree falling in a forest still make noise if no person is nearby to hear it? 😛


    1. Noise Noise Noise! That isn’t really a riddle is it? You hear the noise because you are there to listen to it… I have another question though – how does silence relieve a mind? For me, silence rages an even stronger storm inside me, one that I can’t control… just that my type of silence mustn’t be interrupted my munching noises… you know eating for me is a very sacred deed! 😀


      1. Fair warning to all to only eat soft, happy pudding in your presence. 😉 Oh, and as for silence – I spend SO much time pondering! – sometimes I try and visualize what my “trains of thought” actually would look like, as in, an actual train – like, zoo animals, a caboose, coal engine, toot-toot whistle, and where the rails would go….bet yours would be splashingly creative as well!


        1. Happy pudding! lol That was funny… I would love to have that painted Christine… would make for an absolutely spectacular viewing!
          I actually have a lot of trouble visualizing my train of thoughts… they come and go at such fanatic pace that it’s easier to concentrate on the results and the fun they ensue! 😀


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