Where’s the traction tonight? On the work floor?

Man you people have a real creepy habit of getting me tensed about my readership! I’m telling you all straight and there’s no better way to say this – visit me, read me and thus, FEED ME! Nothing makes my day better than you. Hit me, bite me, shake me but never dupe me! BE RIGHT HERE. I don’t care if it’s spring and you have to go out in the sun after an eternity. You have your exceedingly capable gadgets to keep me with you, so KEEP ME WITH YOU!

But please don’t, and I really mean it, please don’t ever abandon me! You are my treasure, one that I’ve earned over a long time and I really value you!

Be there… PLEASE!

P.S. – For how many of you, is this the prayer every night, before you’re off to bed?


18 thoughts on “Prayer”

  1. No.. I don’t think about needing readers.. I just enjoy it when someone else can take something of value (whether a smile, a good thought or a moment of understanding) when they leave my writing or photography.

    Great question.


    1. This is a great thought Easter! It feels amazing inside when someone can take away the best of thoughts from your writings… it just makes that piece much more treasurable! 😀


      1. 🙂 Thank you, and I agree. I was not going to post my newest blog Today I Can With God, but then realized that if even one person can take something away from it, whether today or in years to come, then it is better to post than to hope I have the courage and ability to publish one day. The rest is out of my hands 🙂


  2. Remember… You control them. Do not let them control you! And look for some real company in addition to your blog readers. Spread your love and cheers through an actual conversation too and you won’t have to pray like this everyday! 🙂

    I could very well see that this is what becomes of those who are elder of the two siblings: They always seek and support of someone else, just like they give to their younger ones. Just a wild guess…


    1. That’s a nice thought actually! Never thought of it that way. I have no clue how you reached the consensus for all elder siblings but I certainly may have helped. Still what’s catching me is this line –
      “They always seek and support of someone else, just like they give to their younger ones.” – What does it actually mean?


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