Subjects in Distress

“My History with Mathematics is rather Shambolic,

The marks in Physics were always Economic.

The Chemistry between me and Biology scored NADA,

Machines took me close to Paranoia.

English, the only class that drew attention,

Lacked sumption.

Digital Circuits don’t deserve a mention,

Analog Circuits – mystery of the tron (electron and proton).

Computer Science was the only solace,

The teacher though, never liked my face.

Could never speak in a viva,

Sanskrit filled my mouth with saliva.

Hindi, for it is my mother tongue,

Handed me marks in a pump.”


It’s quite ironic that no education system teaches us how to use the tools of life when it’s life that turns out as the best teacher, mentor and guide for the rest of your life. Even more ironic and rather sad is, none of the skills I learned in my school or college are helping me make my living. Nothing helps except humanity and respect. Rest all are mere tools of survival against aliens, angry animals and foolish humans.

I am a subject in distress and I need lessons after 19 years of education. Nothing is more ironic!

Lets find out the most hated subjects

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51 thoughts on “Subjects in Distress”

  1. The best teacher is hidden deep inside you, all we have to do is to wake him up. Schools and the scheduled education couldn’t crave a man to strive and live. Its just making you to mug up facts and figues


  2. We go to school to polish ourselves some things we learn others we learn at work,all that tuition fees we paid we only got half educated the other half we got while at work and were paid too.How ironic is this.


    1. Absolutely… thank goodness for I was never at the receiving end of any prejudice but I noticed many of my friends receiving a ‘different’ treatment! The pressure on all of us was enormous but they always seemed to suffer more and hence, crumble more! 😀


  3. Nice satire. 🙂
    The most ironic part is that our education system don’t help us to choose and pursue what we like rather it forces us to choose what we ought to like.


    1. Actually I try to link back to everyone who posts for the Daily Prompts.. so if I end up posting very early for a prompt, I make sure to link to all of them the next day or if I’m late, I do it right then! 😀
      Yes, it dramatically increases your visibility!


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