A Dialogue

My life is a train with a single coach. Not enough space for a lot of travellers. But it’s assured that the travellers shall receive my nod before they board. And because I’m a man of small set of people and even smaller means, I have to make the most of what I spend and whom I spend it on. I set my fare and I set my limits to what you get and how much. But I assure you, it’ll be fun!

I’m a man of only 3 languages – English, Hindi and Respect. If I have to explain any view to any stranger – foreigner or alien, these are the only languages I’ll use. I have nothing else in my arsenal. Sign language perhaps, but it’s really not my forte. I’ll possibly show them the green and try to explain the similarities between their world and ours. Make them comfortable. A Blue Label peg ought to lighten them up. I’ll make my guests take a window seat in my train, and let them get amazed at the pace and the beauty of the journey. North, South, East, West, Rains, Sun, Dawn, Dusk, Clouds, Architecture, nearly everything under the beautiful blue skies and anything that can meet the eye at that fanatic pace.

They’ll find it difficult at first but with exercise and training, they’ll start to see their own world through my eyes. Different colors and a different perspective of life.

I’ll probably let them jot down their thoughts in their own language or script and later translate them myself to publish on my blog. That way I’ll understand their language too making the entire journey a dialogue.

Let me dedicate a song for the night too. It’s one of my all time favorites –

Lets find out hows others will entertain me –

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