Veinous Thrombosis and Embarrassment

Veinous Thrombosis! Rings a bell? It didn’t to me. I first heard it when I visited the hospital on Thursday.

It was one of those visits when I realized, right before entering the doctors chamber, what I’d been doing wrong for a long time. A wrong sitting posture and remaining seated for a prolonged period. When the doctor held my left calf, I knew what he was looking for. He was just brilliant and trust me, I somehow knew what he was going after – after I had explained my problem.

The problem started to occur last August when I slid down 10 stairs on a slick rainy day, like a bum on my bum and kept sliding till I hit a dry spot. Not only did I hurt my back pretty bad, it left a lot of bruises nearly everywhere on my backside. I did recover fast but the problems have started to recur and they make it pretty difficult to walk or be athletic, the ways that the burly me can be.

So the doctor held my calf and told me that the entire area is swollen pretty bad and feels very stiff too. He also noticed the blue marks of clots that had magically appeared during the last few months and ached like hell. As I hate spending money on my sickness, I had tried a few cheaper medical cures myself for past 5 months or so, that included painkillers and muscle gels.Β But nothing had worked and nothing could have.Β The doctor told us that an ultrasound was required of the said leg for any clots that may be preventing proper blood flow in my veins.

So a few hours later, there I was in the radiology room, with a very young nurse staring at me. Let me make this situation very clear to all of you. I have gotten my pants down in a hospital before but each time, the nurse was a lot older to me and with whom I felt no hitch doing so. But this time, the nurse was very young, around 10 years younger to me and somehow she was rather amused at my inability to bring my pants down in front of her. So, she looks at my face and tells me to remove the jeans off from the left leg! Now how the fuck am I supposed to accomplish that – remove the jeans just from the left leg? I looked around, sat and thought about it for a while but couldn’t figure it out. So I asked her if she meant I have to remove the jeans completely and she said (still giggling) – Yes Sir!

I did so and there I was laying on the steel frame , with goo all over my leg and a man touching the what nots!!! That was so damn embarrassing! Yet I still have no clue what was amusing her so much to keep giggling for the next 45 minutes of my examination. I felt I had committed a crime and that totally sucked! Man I was furious and the fuckiest part was – I couldn’t do a shit about it!

Anyways the good news, that puts a smile back on is, ultrasounds came clean and there are 90% chances that there is nothing to worry about. I’m on medication now, special sitting positions for relaxing the leg, no exertions and no pressing of the calf. And the limp continues till the pain subsides!

P.S. – Not attaching any image as they were too gross to display on this blog!

34 thoughts on “Veinous Thrombosis and Embarrassment”

  1. First of all it’s a wrong idea that you shouldn’t spend mony on health issues which directly relates to you. To be healthy should be everyone’s goal in life other things come second. The nurse laughed because you felt embarrassed and she knew why,these nurses are used to seeing these things it doesn’t bother them.
    I’m happy to know you’ll be all right.
    This is the kind of ending I prefer in any story.


  2. Sorry to hear about your pain and embarrassment, Samir – but you did manage to write it in a very funny way! I can imagine the scene only too vividly. Get well soon!


  3. Glad you can laugh about it now. And glad you’re 90% fine. But…as an allied health professional, that nurse sounds unprofessional, to me. Yes I joke with and “tease” my patients, but I get to know them first so they know that the joking and teasing come from a place of love. Laughing WITH patients is a way of connecting, but laughing AT patients is just wrong.


    1. Oh I’m so glad someone could empathize! I found it really unprofessional too ‘coz she never tried connecting to me before cracking jokes at my situation! Thanks a ton for your concern!


    1. That’s easily one of the nicest comments ever received on this blog! I’m starting to believe that my life has turned into a long big satire! But then, I can only appreciate it till readers like you appreciate it. I can’t enjoy my own story, can I? I’m trying to… my wife has left strict instructions and ways to follow them everyday for me to complete my medication! I tend to lax a lot when it comes to medication… so hopefully all will turn out well! πŸ˜€
      Thanks a ton for your wishes! πŸ˜€


      1. Thanks and welcome lol don’t worry, a satirical life is much better than a boring one. Your words add magic to ordinary circumstances which would have otherwise lost in memories, well done, I seriously visit your blog for humour. Take Care and Good Night πŸ˜€


    1. Pardon me if I keep hurting your sensibilities with the language but that’s how I talk in my head and it just spills out I guess! And thanks a ton for your concern Sue…
      I know you try to read all of my posts and leave encouraging comments in the ones that don’t have the filthy language and I totally appreciate that… Please keep reading and commenting! πŸ˜€


  4. Glad to know it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. Sorry the nurse laughed at your discomfort. I’m sure I would have said something to her about it, but I’m just rude like that. ^_^


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