Do you like the look of the new Daily Post?

This is my attempt towards something that stands destroyed because a user like me is unheard!



31 thoughts on “Do you like the look of the new Daily Post?”

    1. If you right click while pasting, there’s an option to paste as plain text. That eliminates all of the funky formatting and just pastes the text. That is, if you’re on a PC. I dunno how that works on a Mac.

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  1. Found your poll via Mr. Atheist. I have done a couple of web sites myself, nothing special and it is hard work. I am still trying to come to terms with what WordPress have done and decided it can only get better. I started a remark on their forum (because everything else was leading nowhere) and you can see the result. I got a reply from a drama queen and eventually ate a piece of humble pie because I could not be bothered any more and that is the way it is. Forget pingbacks, no-one loves you for them (except for your followers who even thank you) and just do your daily promt like a good blogger does. Oh dear, I see my chance for a Pulitzer prize gradually disappearing into the distance. Thanks for the poll, a good idea.


    1. I ain’t getting that Pulitzer either I guess for I’ve definitely rung a few bells hither and thither! lol
      Although one of my comments made it through yesterday and they replied saying that the grid view has completely replaced the text pingback view… I’ve replied asking them to try to keep a small little link that lists all of the pingbacks for the prompt the way it earlier used to, on the right hand corner right after the grid view ends so that it doesn’t disturb the aesthetics of the website as well… I know that won’t be very difficult for I see it getting done day in and day out around me!
      I went through the link you left and I have an argument against the lady you mentioned that although pingbacks may have been introduced to let the filters on the good and bad posts, but they in todayโ€™s situation, also act as an invitation for other bloggers to see your response! I have numerous comments that thanked me for inviting them to read my post!
      This is what WordPress will miss if they continue with only the grid list โ€“ socializing! People here were starting to form a family and had entered a sort of comfort zone with how things worked, for it was very easy and trust me, people donโ€™t read bad posts anyways, me being the first case in point. I donโ€™t acknowledge bad posts and have learnt to filter them anyways but that shouldnโ€™t stop me from bringing those posts into view by pasting them in mine. And why the hell, have they got to bother about what I paste in my posts! Ainโ€™t it a democracy here โ€“ โ€˜I can do what I want to and you have no right to interfereโ€™ policy?
      See the number of responses to yesterdayโ€™s daily prompt and itโ€™s a meagre 65 as of now! And they will reduce daily for I may totally stop using Daily Prompt to advertise my blog as itโ€™s quite useless without the pingbacks list!

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    1. Yeah… that’s an option even I’m banking on now, for they have come back saying they will not add the list of pingbacks and will only stick to the grid layout! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. I miss the pingbacks too. I used to put them at the end of my posts so that anyone reading my post could see others’ contributions too and then maybe they would get more traffic. I thought that was the whole point of having a pingback list. I’ve had more traffic and got to know people because of pingbacks. Although the new format may attract people to view my blog (because I have art that can be seen), I preferred having the list of pingbacks. I’m not getting an email about the Daily Prompt but I never did, however, it used to appear in my reader and now it doesn’t. Why didn’t WordPress just ask us before making the changes? A lot of the changes they make are really good and I’ve been very impressed but not this time, unfortunately.

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    1. We have to live with it now Lynne… pingbacks list is now gone… we have to get used to the grid list! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      And I totally agree with all the points you’ve made… they are the reasons I’m getting entangled too!
      Thank you so much for empathizing with the issue and dropping your view here! ๐Ÿ˜€


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