OK… go slow! Breathe in, then breathe out!

I know I’m disturbed. The entire last weekend has thrown me off gear. All my ideas have gone for toss. What made the matters worse was, how Daily Prompt changed and became rather unpredictable in nature. Now I don’t know what to expect from the daily prompt. I don’t know what kind of traction will my post receive. I started writing for Daily Prompts about 4 months back and received my best audience with this medium. I found some great friends, and I still keep finding them. Daily Prompts had become my tool to interact socially but not any more. Earlier I knew how many people will at least take a look at my post when I copy pasted the pingback links into my posts but not any more. Now I just put my post out there and wait for things to happen, like everything is out of my hands.

Frankly this sucks! Without traction, a person with a busy day like mine and such limited number of hours in a day and no access to WordPress during office hours, will lose motivation and that’s precisely what I am, unmotivated!

I need to find more avenues and extra hours to write those extra posts and try to always be on it, to meet a lot more of you, read a lot more of you and write a lot more during my free time. My Saturday nights earlier included just pizza’s and TV, but they must now also include writing for reading simply isn’t enough.

But I’ll receive all this as a positive change. I needed to start writing a lot more anyways – to improve my quality, vocabulary, grammar – and long consistent writing is the way to go. Just that the WordPress BS about how pingbacks are used for bumping the good posts and dumping the bad ones, isn’t acceptable. You really have to grow up and see the writers from a different perspective. We are people with lives apart from our work too.

In India, the average broadband speed is second lowest in the world. We are country with a pathetic telecom infrastructure, for our leaders are too engrossed in devouring tax payers money and filling their Swiss Bank accounts. Now to stay connected and create decent enough online  content on our iPads and Tablets, it’s difficult and time-consuming. And then there’s work and the pay masters and wife and dogs to take care of.

Man! WordPress just made writing a lot tougher. I really had huge plans with Daily Prompts but I’ll have to chuck them till something better pops up. Till then, I’m going to spend my Saturday Nights writing and not partying!

This is the end of it though! I won’t crib about the changed Daily Prompt anymore and not let it be in my head and screw up my precious happiness.

24 thoughts on “Inhale-Exhale”

  1. Welcome to the unpredictable real world ; ) I feel your pain. The more time I spend reading, liking, commenting on and find new blogs the more views I get. There are only so many hours in a day and I have life outside of WordPress. It is unpredictable. Good luck!


    1. Thank you so much for your concern Trent! Although I don’t have any life except my office outside of my home, it really sucks the best out of me everyday and whatever is left, is to be shared between family and WordPress! Damn, this is hard!


  2. We will carry on undaunted, I hope. I am a bit of an old horse at this daily prompt thing, more than a year, but I am still trying to enjoy it. It is true, the social side has disappeared and I have difficulty in keeping up with new posts, especially as “The Grid” changed is appearance each time I dare to have a peak, but we will survive – I hope.

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  3. 🙂

    I guess wordpress changed this format after a lots of homework and it is not easy for them to revert back so easily 😛 they might want us to get use to of it and forget talking about this new format.

    Anyway , nice post.


  4. I never realized how much the pingbacks could actually drive traffic to my site. The more links available, the more likely it is that someone would click on it from another copy-pasted list.

    In some sense, it is the debate of many “friends” versus a few really good ones.


    1. That’s definitely one way to look at it but it doesn’t stop there… I’ve said it before as well that we own the tendency to ignore poorly written posts and unworthy blogs. There are only really good friends because in this frenzy of a million posts per day, you have to choose what gets through to you else you may be wasting a lot of precious time! Bad friends always waste your time, don’t they?


  5. We all are in the same boat, except for a coveted few. WordPress is turning deaf ears to us. I too lost motivation for a few days. The old format was like a meeting place. Anyway we can keep blogging, and keep our cool.


  6. I’m not always so enamoured with the Daily Prompts, and I guess I do them just as an excuse to write and promote my photography blog a little more. But I find that the people you need in your life tend to find you as you find them. Unfortunately, a huge contingent of the WP audience is American, and as the weather warms up over there, less people are frequenting their own or others blogs. It happened this way last year too. Don’t loose heart, keep blogging, keep writing, there is always someone who is reading and appreciating what you do. One person is still better than none. I would give my right arm to have the consistency of just one person’s support right now. Happy Monday to you Samir 🙂


    1. Well we all have our tools, don’t we! Mine used to be Daily Prompts… and from now on it’s nothing more than an outlet… no publicity whatsoever! One person… that one person! Makes for a great blog title, doesn’t it? 😀
      Happy Monday to you too Bess!


  7. I’m relatively new to the daily prompt, and don’t do them every day. Something I need to work on. Great post, I hope that WP changes back to the preferred format as it looks like several bloggers don’t like the current format.

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