Life Happened

AAAAANNNNDDDD We’re done! I just read the last post in my mail box and now I stand on top of every post all of you have published till yesterday. Man this is hard work.

The problem I started to face was the enormity of the task that it had become – reading your posts. It took me forever to complete it everyday, at least 4-5 hours everyday, hours I don’t normally have. A task made harder now that my wife has returned from her holidays, so no extra hours for she needs attention and so do I!

The tasks in the office also peaked to numbers unfathomable for Β single man to carry out. That meant longer hours at desk, and no reading or blogging there. Which in turn meant I had to catch up with everything and everyone in the meagre hours I have in the evenings – which with my pathetic internet connection is impossible.

6 posts in a week, from which 2 were reblogs. I had to start finding time for writing as well.Β And hence, started the filtering phase. I’d realized that not all the people who write everyday dedicated any kind of attention to me and I’ve been blindly following them for a long time for no results. So they had to go off from my mail box. And guess what – it took me an entire week to get this done. And now I see fewer posts in my mailbox, better posts from the people who seem to care about my kind of writing more than other lesser things. I know this may hurt others – well wait! Whom will it hurt? People that don’t anyways read my blog… well they can wait! πŸ˜€

For the rest of you, I can probably say – I’m Back and I can’t wait to start writing again!


16 thoughts on “Life Happened”

  1. This seems to be the season for culling, Samir, on here and in ‘real’ life – I think we have to winnow out those who are wasting our time, and just concentrate upon the rest.
    It does take ages to plough through the inbox, doesn’t it?! I know exactly what you mean! And I, too, have had to make difficult decisions with regard to those I follow.
    I write a heck of a lot of posts – and do NOT expect people following me to read every single one. That would be unfair and impossible!!! Just read ones which grab you, is my advice, and bin the rest! I won’t mind!


    1. Oh I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I have someone who can empathize with me! It had become a real big issue and someone commented on one of my posts that apparently because most of our audience for some reason is American and they’re coming out of a long and frustrating winter, we’ve definitely had a reduction in our viewership but then, they, per me, are posting a hell lot without giving others a lot of attention. And so it becomes even more imperative that all those who need filtering be filtered. We can no longer stick to the olds. They’re holding us back and hence, we need to give our writing pieces and thoughts a breath of fresh air.
      And just regarding you dear Alienora, it’s nigh impossible to ignore your posts, for they’re so much entertainment like watching a channel every evening! They’re never missed! So you may relax and we shall go on familiar paths to grab hold of new ones, that result in better and a giving audience! πŸ˜€


  2. Samir, some of the times we have to keep going that’s the only best way. For to follow your passion, I am sure you will figure out a way. Its just you have to stick to your heart’s way….


      1. Great! I look forward to what has been brewing in your brain during your time away. How do you set up e-mail notifications. Some of the people I follow pop up and others don’t.


        1. Well go to your reader –> click on it the “edit” button besides the “blog I follow” button –> search for the blog you want to setup email notifications for –> click on “edit” again right beside the name and you can setup email notifications for daily, weekly, or never as well…
          Hope this helps!


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