Lone Party

Ever experienced polarity? No I’m not talking about polar diseases and all. I’m talking magnetism. Have you noticed how North and North repel each other? I know most of you would’ve. That’s what we are – parties and me! We go away from each other at a mere whiff.

What are parties? All that a party does for me is hand me a lemonade, and I’m always left picking out the lemons from it. I don’t like them and parties don’t like me either. Those who’ve seen me at one, say the parties may have been better without me. The max that I do is linger around in the corners, out of every eye, bobbing my head at the beats with pizza in my hand.

So I concludedΒ few years ago that it’s better to party alone than with anyone else. So here’s the concept and it’s called “Lone Party”. I don’t know, how many of you have any such concept but this one really works for me. Here’s what I do –

I start to walk alone, headphones in my ears, to a place unknown that has awesome Β and my favorite music. Once I find one such place, I look to order some food that takes time in preparation. Meanwhile, I grab a coke in my hand and start bobbing my head to the beats/drums. It may also help if the place has some cricket showing as well. I’ll sit alone on a table for 4, top button loose, head laying on a head rest, and no pressure on my spine. The food may arrive and when it does,I take ages to finish it. This thing has to last long and I make sure to do it. All this, just makes my head unwind. That place, by the way, may as well be my home when I order a pizza.

It recharges me to no ends. I feel devoid of feelings and emotions when I return home and smiling then, is never an issue. That’s what parties are for right – hand you a smile?

Anyone else have some crazy party ideas that don’t involve anyone but you?

43 thoughts on “Lone Party”

  1. I used to do something similar at the local coffee shop so instead of pizza it was coffee and instead of music it was a movie or a long book and music on my computer (with headphones of course) or just browsing. I should start doing this again just to get out of the house. πŸ™‚

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      1. I did it in college when I needed to unwind, and the coffee shops here aren’t the same. The libraries here aren’t the same… It’s all different here. I can’t find the same vibe. Though I will admit, I did stop looking a while ago.


  2. I’m the opposite of you; I love a good party and love to spend time with people. However, when I have a party, I like to make everyone feel comfortable as a good host.
    A party by myself would be swimming. I love to swim laps in an empty pool. It feels so free; like flying.

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    1. The latter is such a great party to have… for the former… if at all I’m invited, I’ll be cowering somewhere to remain unseen and unheard and will wait for the food to finish and I’ll then return home… πŸ˜€


  3. I thought party means people lots of them,all kinds of food,music,games and everything else that goes with parties. I guess you have your own way of having a party,what about your wife and parents,won’t you invite them?

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  4. Brilliant! Hilarious! Great idea, Samir; I wish I’d thought of such a thing back in my Wallflower/weeping alone in a corner days. It would have saved a great deal of heartache. x

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  5. My lone-party usually involves leaving the country. I can’t think of doing anything better than travelling to somewhere I love with camera in hand. I can eat when I want, sleep when I want, and do what I want when I want. No stress, in fact no need to talk to anyone at all. It’s great (for a short time of course), but like you say it recharges the batteries no end. Can’t wait to do it again! πŸ™‚
    Nice post Samir.

    Have a great day!

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      1. Ah, you see I always do these things as cheaply as possible, I only ever buy food from the supermarket, stay in hostels; I pack the minimum possible so I can just walk off the plane, and never pay too much on airfare. Organising such trips is always very stressful because I’m not rich, and I have to work around my family commitments, but it’s always worth it just to have to have that time to myself to unwind. Although for me it’s a rare occasion.

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        1. We live in 2 separate worlds don’t we? There, living is an issue whereas here, the plane ticket is an issue! hehehehe… just kidding, yours is an absolutely fantastic way to have the “me” time! πŸ˜€


          1. I live in the UK so travelling around is very expensive in general, actually more expensive quite often than travelling to Europe. So in part, when I want to get away, it makes more sense to travel to Europe and explore somewhere new, as more often than not it works out cheaper would you believe! Then it takes me years to repay the debt! πŸ™‚

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