Ping Backs

For all those who are still persevering with the pingback links from the Daily Prompt… HATS OFF TO YOU! TAKE A BOW from a lower man, for I’m done with them unless really necessary or if I write for a prompt and it needs a link back.

For all those who do it, I guarantee that I will like your post unconditionally for you’ve really gone through some effort to pull those links from the source code of the page of the Daily Post and make them look really nice in your post.

Happy PingBack’ing!

Take Care!

22 thoughts on “Ping Backs”

  1. I can’t get my head around ping backs at all, according to the instructions everything is as it should be but it has never yet worked. I’m doing or not doing something! But I’ve no idea what that is so I will continue with likes until the penny finally drops.

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    1. hahahaha… many are at that stage of confusion.. to do or not to do… am I doing it correctly? Where does the buck finally stop? Trust me, at least they made one thing good and that is stop the randomizing of posts everytime we open that page and that all viewed links now turn red! 😀

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  2. well I like them sometimes – when they are done “right” – like if someone refers to your blog and links you…. but I agree – the way they are done with certain challenges is not right – and I liked your post – but will not be sending a ping back for it –

    oh, and I have called them ping back attacks

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    1. Well Violet, you can take solace from the fact that the functions of pingbacks have been reduced significantly on the Daily Prompt! For the rest all you have to do place a link for the target blog using the link feature in WordPress writer and if the target blog has pingbacks enabled, they will receive a notification that you have linked to their page! 😀

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        1. hehehehe… that’s what I said first… you are actually lucky to have never fallen into a trap that Daily Prompt got set for us! Thing was many people like me used pingbacks like invitations to others to get them to visit our blogs and apparently Daily Prompt took a note of this and have stopped printing the list of prompts that they originally used to publish below every prompt! Changed the look of the prompt to a gridview when clearly it has only reduced the popularity of the prompt! Thats it! 😀

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  3. I’m thinking and wondering about the pingbacks, I haven’t actually gone hunting for them. What’s up with wordpress ,first they took away wikipedia , and now the pingbacks.Someone out there is having loads of fun!


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