A belief is a strange concept isn’t it? And today’s prompt brings me to an even pivotal question – what do you believe in?

In all the unkindness of life, the only gift I’ve received is a belief in myself. People ask me – “What’s it that pushes you to the write everyday? What’s it that those invisible people give you?”.

My reply is simple – “What, in all your glorious presence, have you ever given me?”.

These answers were hard to come by. I’d rather have withstood the harsh words and satire, sipped on the bitter pills, and slouched into my bed. Not now. I now see hope. I now see acceptance. I now see feedback. I now feel a renewed energy and motivation, not to just run through my days like a dead bat and in the process gain, learn, acknowledge, and foremost converse.

It’s not just an empty drum aimlessly rolling in a desert. This drum is now ploughing its own road. Before I sleep every night, I now make mental notes of the numbers on my blog, the direction in which it is headed and its true purpose. I live in it. The world outside is slowly dying a painful death while the world inside now has little leaves popping out. Clear, green, fresh, and satiating the hunger of a burnt heart.

The boat of hope in my heart is finally afloat!

24 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Hey you’re getting those poetic feelings,which is fabulous,something like Tagore’s poetry and his philosophy combined, wow this is progress!


      1. You have over 1,000 followers… I have 70-ish. I think. I’m bad with numbers. Could be 60. I dunno. How many more do you need? πŸ˜›


  2. Hope! I have been unexpectedly away – and I HOPE you have been fabulous in the meantime, have to catch up on your posts. Haha, it is so windy here that paper is literally flying off my desk from a breeze coming from window – kind of matches the flurry of blog catch ups I need to do in general. Oh boy.

    I believe in telling people that they matter to you! Even when unprompted. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you your hope boat is sailing happy seas,


    1. Lets just say that I’m on that same windy desk as you are! Just that those aren’t really winds… they are an early sign of a storm I’m about to wind up in my life… preparing as I have been… I’m late on everyone just like you are! Am counting the number of posts I’ve got to read and I am embarrassed frankly… the love I’m receiving is just not reciprocated in the same way!
      Thanks for the care even to just comment about each others well being… welcome back Christine… I’ve been missing your blues too! πŸ˜€


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