Liebster Award

This is a response to Fatima who nominated me for Liebster Award. I’m truly humbled that you mentioned Views Splash in such good stead and hence, I’d like to reply to your questions –

Q.1- What was the first thought when you named your blog?

– Have fun. I had no serious aim with it, except to see how strangers with a passion to read, write and share, interact with each other.

Q.2- Mountains or Ocean? Which person are you?

– I’m an ocean trying to be a mountain. An inexplicable task but that’s precisely how I see it.

Q 3- What is your favorite cuisine?

– Indian (Veg).

Q.4- Which sports do you like? Which team do you support in that respective sport?

– I follow a lot of sports and I won’t count cricket as a sport. It’s a game. Among sports, my favorite is soccer and I support Spain.

Q.5- City life or Country life?

– Country life as far away from the city as possible. I’ll actually love to do farming and build my own structures for survival.

Q.6- Do you like to read books? If yes which genre?

– Anything in fiction and history.

Q.7- One thing you never forget to carry with yourself?

– My headphones. Music is my life.

Q.8- Sweet tooth or Savory?

– Both. Sweet when I’m not savory!

Q.9- Which weather do you like?

– Summer and winter!

Q.10- Your favorite fast food, if any?

– Dosa.

Q.11- Which genre movies you like?

– Action, suspense, horror.

I generally refrain from accepting awards now but I’ve never asked these questions to myself and so decided to have some fun. Thank you Fatima for giving me this opportunity! πŸ˜€

I will love to mention that Fatima is a brilliant poetΒ and writer. Please don’t forget to visit her blog. The link is upstairs at the top!


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