… On The Road #2

Do not overtake someone only to slow down right in front of him. This is the most annoying thing you do while driving! Not only are you wasting a lot of someones time, you are also garnering a lot of negative praises that are hitting your back and may also be true! 😉

But then, there is never any harm in knowing the truth, is there?

14 thoughts on “… On The Road #2”

  1. Some drivers overtake without signaling which is dangerous.And of course when you overtake you want to go faster it doesn’t make sense when the driver slows down.


  2. On the other hand there’s the irony of them wasting a pint of gas to do it meanwhile you were just idling in 🙂 or! If you want to be a gentleman about it you can kick a potato into the pipe and watch how quickly they come to a screeching halt! (grin)


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