A Cooked Blog

Sometimes I wonder what attracts you more to me,  a love for the unknown? A love for the hatred I have for the world? Curiosity for the time unknown? Unseen acts of horror, unprecedented valor, or kindness?

I feel you touch a piece of me everyday but never whole. The tingle that wakes up my sensations, often leaves my soul wanting for more. I get you one finger pore at a time and with each touch, the yearning for wholeness turns my skin inside out. Why can’t I have you more? Why don’t I get you more?

Can’t blame you though, my readers, for we are all travellers in the same boat. Kids, wife, parents, office, home, horrifying relatives, and time killing neighbors – they consume so much of our time and brain that there’s none left for us to use at the end of the day. Still we are motivated to do what’s right for us – write for ourselves, it’s an obligation to the inner you, isn’t it? You reach the desk at the last hour of the day, pick up your pieces of thoughts and right when you are about to hit the keyboard, you lose power. People with laptops can still work for a while but not desktop users like me. Our day just got pushed into a dark oblivion when there’s no option but to sleep, the thoughts still currying inside, the flavors dying to spill out on to a writing pad or a web page. But luck is having none of it!

I’ve been under such a spell since past 3 months. Everyday is a struggle – to stay awake, concentrate, be healthier, see certain things the way I would a few years ago, keep focus on the future all the while learning from the past and (the one that tops it off) yet, be fun.

My irritability around this time of the year isn’t a new phenomenon. From an early age, I found June, July, August and September – the hardest to deal with. Whether it be my bone crushing accidents, to hysteria among the people around me, diseases – it’s like a kill-switch turns on. People die, there are terrible news all around and concentrating is the last thing my brain does. This is also the time I wish, time should just fly by never concerning me with its nitty-gritty. These are easily the most non-productive months of my year. Do you have any months that particularly seem to concern you – ones that freeze your hands, swell your feet, numb your mind for the world around just picks up its frantic pace and tries to drag you with it?

It is these months though, I expect my dear readers to show me some love and be kind enough to keep this space engaged. And how well you’ve done it, BRAVO! You’ve read and read my stuff, appreciated it, hunted down my errors even when I wasn’t there for you…

You Cooked My Blog“!

And now it’s time for me put some dishes on the front burner and stir the pot to see what comes out next.

11 thoughts on “A Cooked Blog”

  1. Love the cooking/food analogy, Samir; it works very well indeed. I suspect that this is a difficult time of year for many. I was telling my son only this morning about the number of times, in my life time alone, wars, disasters (natural and man-made) have erupted during the summer months.
    August is often a painful month for me – and this year has been no exception.

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  2. I guess we are all tired by half of the year. For me,I love the 2nd half of the year more than the first half. So many festivals,so much joy! 🙂
    Hope things wil be better soon! 🙂
    But putting up THAT pic of paneer tikka ( if I am not wrong) is just being mean. Total Drool moment! 😀
    How have you been?

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  3. Nothing will out if you will cook like this.what you have please concentrate on that. Which will show you the future ways. Thoughts always give some messages to cook someone food. Best one…..
    .love you my son.


  4. I love the picture that appeared on your notificaiton that you’d liked my blog. It is of bottles filled with colorful sand or pigment and a dried display. I can’t find it on your blog, however. Also love the one of your stirring good “stuff” in the wok. Are these pictures you have taken? They are great…Thanks for reading and “liking” my Mind Freeze poem…Judy


    1. Oh… your poem is fantastic, Judy!
      These pictures aren’t mine… got them off internet and the one with bottles and colors, I had to remove it from my site to go with the theme! It’ll definitely be there when I move this blog to a self hosted one! 😀


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