From alcohol to kites: An A to Z guide to the Islamic Republic of ‘Banistan’


These are amongst the few things banned in Pakistan!

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I see them. I see them everyday. In my TV, on my FB wall, Pinterest, Twitter and quite a lot everywhere around me. Yeah, right. I’m jealous. People having all sorts of fun all the time, posting pictures, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sea, the mountains, the lakes, the oceans, orange, green, blue, buildings with immaculate architectures. Why do we post everything on Facebook, twitter or blah blah??? Having fun is fine but we create albums only to share. Share – I guess thats the answer most people will give to my questions. People who fail to understand that all that they are doing is giving someone and something completely unknown the power to control their information, some of whom may be very personal. Doesn’t it scare you?

In pictures: Calcutta in the 1970s

BBC News – In pictures: Calcutta in the 1970s.

This really is a treasurable collection of old admirable pictures from the biggest city of eastern India. Complete nostalgia for people who would have gone through the era and a lot of visual general knowledge for people like me who were not even born then!

Readers’ favourite railway stations


BBC News – Readers’ favourite railway stations.

I have traveled so much in my life and so many miles in a very short span of time, that I think I know the insides of Indian Railway travel. Not the routes, but the authenticity of true India, the feel of a new life that you have to live inside every train, on every separate occasion. The co-travelers, the beggars, the luggage, that typical foul smell of a toilet in any train, the open doors, the windows that leak the cold air into the compartment every night. Every travel makes you live a different life. And each of it starts with a railway station. Some beautiful, some not so, some busy as hell and some barren as deserts, most dirty and some being cleaned with a hose in the early mornings – all so futile.

This post is not to tell a tale about my days inside a train but it showcases some of the best railway stations that you can get to go into and live a dream, some so Harry-Potteresque. Please try and browse through the descriptions, locations and models of some of these stations that help you live your dreams on rails.

Landscape or carscape?

BBC News – In pictures: Landscape or carscape?.

How cars changed our world, literally! We built our world infrastructure around our four wheeled friends. Roads, landscapes, buildings and henceforth, money! Follow the link, look at the pictures and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Why do we behave so oddly in lifts?












BBC News – Why do we behave so oddly in lifts?.

It’s really weird the way we act in a lift. Is it the fear an enclosed case that triggers the anxiety? We are all the users of lifts in the modern world for they pave way to reach building heights that no normal human being can scale on steps. Is it the speed with which the lift travels or stops? Or the jerks? Or the screeching creeping sounds? Most of us keep fidgeting with ourselves in a lift as if it’s a monster that’ll eat us up. For the people who have suffered in lifts for long hours either because of it not working or failing midway, the experience could have been very traumatic. People even normally get high BP’s if they travel in lifts and are scared of them.

I would also like to raise a point about escalators for that matter. Why are people scared of escalators? They are open. Are usually situated in areas that can be quite noisy. Then why is it people find it very difficult to board an escalator?

Can anyone explain or share their experiences?

Hi-tech toilets save lives – and mean big business


BBC News – Hi-tech toilets save lives – and mean big business.

Try putting them to use in India and we’ll see. UN will definitely use India either has their role model to show the world how proper sanitation can change the way the world will see India or they will use this technology last in India as they would have lost all hope. The toilets here are unkempt, dirty, lack facilities, are ugly and stink so much that an entire street or a road would smell like a toilet itself. The toilets themselves are so less, that people often find the best way to relieve themselves is by the roadside and not a far-fetched toilet. Shabby!

Book Mountain: MVRDV Designs Glass Pyramid Library

Book Mountain: MVRDV Designs Glass Pyramid Library | WebUrbanist.

Amazing architecture but I have a question – how the hell do you get books from those heights?