A Gift

Today I realized, I have a gift. Not the gift of words. Not the gift of wisdom. No gift of any superhuman nature.

Today, I stand 1000 times stronger. My strength has grown, though I haven’t been here to enjoy and devour it. Today I realized, there are exactly 1000 people following me, backing me, nodding with me, living my expressions, and listening to me. I wish I could do anything more than simply say a Heartfelt Thanks!

To all of you, who are my gift – Take A Bow! I wish I could unwrap your blogs everyday but then there’s only so much I can do in a day’s worth of time!


Prized Possessions and Giveaways

Oh man, I’m overworked I guess! Yes, I worked a lot on my blog yesterday, although it still looks like hell! I must easily have read 500-550 blogs just last night (I may still be wrong but I’m adding crude numbers here).

Yes you, yes you, my readers, my likers, my viewers have handed me the greatest gift a writer/blogger can ever have – readership! You were always there, but I only just found you. And you bursted in, through an unnoted door, and thronged this place like it has never been.

When I woke up in the morning today, I saw figures on my stats page, that didn’t seem to add up with my regular viewership. So I checked it closer and found that you have made one of my posts, an absolute heart-throb (I won’t boast by mentioning it here)and no, I hadn’t stepped on the tail of some spamster. You gave my writing today, a real sense of credibility. And although I know I’m still a microplayer in this world of mega players, I still feel important! I for once saw, I can work with you and for you!

You do amazing things. You lift spirits up, you drive a mind crazy, you make people work like they never do in their offices. You are the soul of writing – dear Readers! Us writers write for your pleasure of reading. And you make and break days in an instant! Trust me, I tried working last year on this blog and there were several instances when I wanted to quit this place and dive into sports or something that take my mind away from this misery called life.

But this January, I made a promise to myself to absolutely and whole-heartedly go for it! Make this place mine. I started fiddling with it till it felt readable. I realized the importance of hard work in our day-to-day life. I realized, what we do today, reaps benefits later, for we’re recognized only later after all that we have, is exhausted! For those who have made it a point to stick with this blog through its thicks and thins, I wholeheartedly thank you! I’m sorry too. I forgot you or rather missed you for WordPress upgraded much of its features and I never got updates about any of your posts. But all this has changed, for you’re all in my sight now. I see you all everyday. I read around 300 blogs everyday and I like or give feedback on most of them. Some that I don’t like remain untouched!

Still today, you may not notice them, but I get comments that tell me I’m not creative enough! They are phone calls of course. You are all I have, see, for out of all my twitter and Facebook followers, no one ever links to this blog and reads me! It’s only you, the WordPressers that keep me going! You are my second habit, the first being a combination of libation and something explicit that I may share later!

Some may question, why tell this story now? Because the first time, I reached a milestone, I failed to acknowledge it. I under-grasped its gravity. And it took me what, close to 20 months to better that record. What makes me feel prouder is, I got it all done, not through reblogs or shares. but with what I write everyday. That figure of 225 views in a day, that I achieved very very early in my blog, seemed mediocre for a while at the start but it had nearly become unsurpassable. No matter what I did, I could just never repeat the feat again. But I did today, I crossed 300 in a day!

I know days are going to be, quite the same from tomorrow, but today I bask in a glory I only dreamt of. I’ve had my pastries and juices and sweets that sweetened my day further. I enjoyed it. I thoroughly soaked in all that I can.

I sense a vulnerability here though, a weakness for I’m giving myself away to strangers, but I trust you. You won’t hurt me, will you? Please and always remember – you’re the only prized possession I carry. Rest are just giveaways!

10,000 Views, Yayyyy!

I have to ask – when do you consider an event on your blog an achievement? Mustn’t I be happy to tell you all that my blog crossed 10000 views yesterday? On second thought, I am happy! Only that I feel so overawed by the achievements of so many fellow bloggers, I can only wish to reach where they all are now.

Thank You people! I never thought I’d survive here for so long, but it’s the motivation you dish out everyday, that Views Splash feeds on!

Champ – Arvind Kejriwal

Does his sense of humor match mine? Does his demeanor match mine? I don’t know and I’ll never know ‘coz I don’t want to know. Thing is, he has become so candid just like me. Yes I’m talking about Arvind Kejriwal and yes, I’m comparing him with me. Frankly for the first time I feel like I have the power to compare myself with him. He wants to give a lot of power to a common man and that in my opinion is the crux of both his party’s so-called “ideology” and mine too.

He is trying to give people of the  largest democracy in the world something they have stopped dreaming about. We the people have become such slaves to this system that going against it isn’t even thought of. For people as kinky as I am, I think I should take it more positively. But I don’t for righteousness comes before anything to me. Be right for everyone by being right for yourself. Think of everyone’s interests before just the thing thats laid down by this world. It brings harmony to the surroundings but never be wrong to anyone.

I just watched Arvind Kejriwal interviewed  and scrutinized by one of the cruelest journalists in India – Barkha Dutt. She is not a Arnab Goswami. Her firmness never strays even when she goes soft. Thats the art of journalism I guess. She is a champ at journalism and Arvind Kejriwal – a Champ at kills.

I said, he is candid and I think I know where this comes from. It comes from an extravagant understanding of the country’s bull-shit and corrupt politics and that he knows exactly what they’ll thrown at him next – his competitors. That’s the precise reason why he’s never at sea against any question even when he is trying to be fair to everyone. He is repugnant to all his opposition only for his forthrightness. He has pinpointed the problems that the system faces.

Whatever he does, it’s good or so it seems. And the true motive of his party can only come to the fore when he has stayed his course and so has his party. He says his party may be a mix of conflicting opinions but they joined each other to get a single goal – clean and completely uncorrupt politics.

And I totally back him for it. And if need be – his party too!

Arvind Kejriwal announces anti-corruption helpline


Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal announces anti-corruption helpline | NDTV.com.

I’m just loving this. The way this man Arvind Kejriwal is chasing asses of the wrong doers in the government is absolutely awesome and really commendable. It’s been nearly 10 days since Aam Aadmi Party has taken control of the nations capital and fires already burning under the mis-conductors, the corrupts, the lazies! First the electricity discoms, then the water department and then suspending people who were caught receiving bribes. Then he launches the bribery helpline and says,”This announcement makes every citizen of Delhi an anti-corrupt inspector. The purpose is to create fear in the minds of every corrupt individual”.

Bravo!!! But how long will it last, this zeal for correctness, the heart to get everyone treated fairly under the judicial system? I heard him for the first time today and became an instant fan. Him and his compatriots look like they will walk out in open and challenge anyone who criticizes their intentions which by the way are for people and people only. Way to go!

The discoms in Delhi are running for cover – something Sheila Dikshit couldn’t get done in last 4 years. If this continues, this party has a huge future but will it survive the eye of the opposition for very long – remains to be seen!

Is WINAMP dead?

The world’s most favorite music player and organizer is on the verge of death. How I’ve always waited for an update that would bring unprecedented features. That awesome sound quality. That awesome music organizer. And of course the most famous line of all – “WINAMP WINAMP WINAMP… It really whips the Llama’s ass!”.

I remember when I first installed WINAMP, its version was 2.5. I had no clue how it worked then but it was so easy to use and it was way faster and efficient than the ever free Windows Media Player. It always made itself the preferred choice for a million other users. It then started getting a flurry of updates and got the modern theme and it could be docked and that’s when I realized, this software will remain my life long partner. This software forever changed the way I work on my PC. This is the first software I install on my PC, when I get a new one. I point it to my music library and it takes care of all my music on my PC from then on.

It’s always pinned to my taskbar. It’s the first thing I turn on when I switch on my PC. WINAMP is such a huge part of my music taste, I often discard a lot of other softwares for I find them cumbersome.

I was so dearly waiting for an upgrade of WINAMP that would work seamlessly as an app for Windows 8 but a few days earlier, I got the news that AOL would shut WINAMP down if it finds no buyer.

My request, please let WINAMP show the next generation of its software and impressing capabilities. I’ll miss it and so will a million others.

How to customise Windows 8 manually!!! WTF!

How to customise Windows 8 manually – The Times of India.

This is THE most useless information technology article I have ever read on internet! We have been doing this since childhood and yet Times of India had an urge to push this article on to web! What were they even thinking??? Unless I’m being an absolute nerd about Windows, don’t we all know how to install updates on any version of Windows? Have Microsoft not kept it simple enough for even toddlers to be able to install updates from Windows Update on any Windows? I mean damn… don’t these news websites create any kind of crap to be published on their websites for mere clicks!!!

Lovely Weather in Gurgaon!

Just to reiterate my point I made in my post –


It’s raining very heavily in Gurgaon right now combined with winds blowing at mind-boggling velocities. A welcome break from the sweltering heat and humidity over the past few days. It’s umbrella and raincoat time!

Lovely weather!

Fuck You Muther Fucker!

It had to happen one day when my frustration towards the world would boil over. And so it did today.

The guy chose a wrong day and a wrong time to mess with me. I was in no mood to give up and give in. And to carry a dare to stop me, pull out my bike keys and hit me in my ribs, just totalled my patience. My right fist, right at the knuckles wound up and swung back and shot his cheeks back into oblivion.

You can be a Gujjar, a Jaat or whoever the fuck you want to be, you do not mess with me. Learn it. You will give up and you will give in.

Not me. Never will.

I had had a sleepless night for multitude of reasons and my arms were literally itching to destroy something. And so be his face. For the first ever time in my life, I hit someone and I just hope no one forces me to repeat it.

Not that I didn’t bear any brunt of it. Some scratches, some scathing and a pump into my ribs. I too had it but somehow, I feel very good today. To make them lose, those gutless morons.

You can not make a fool of the public just because you carry biceps an inch more than I do. You got to protest, find a right place which doesn’t cause any other person on this planet, any harm or irrefutable waste of time. Otherwise you will have it back and you may just have it back from a person like me. I will not put up with a demolition job on my independence. Your mother didn’t birth me – mine did. I have my own rights and you – asshole – do not govern them.

Fuck you muther fucker!

Google struggling with ‘porn search bug’


This one ought to be a strange bug to fix. How many calculations can one stop and how much functionality will Google have to drop because of these equations will need to be seen. Mathematical equations returning pornographic links and images is the greatest satire one can ever hear about. Apparently the mathematical symbols are converted to their respective words and then searched for, and hence, porn links. Try it for yourself. It may be fun. 🙂

Google struggling with ‘porn search bug’ – The Times of India.

Cathay crew threaten no smiles, booze on flights

Quite a threat this… Beware passengers. You may be Cathay Pacific borne this holiday season and you may not be provided food, drinks and even smiles!!

I don’t understand this though. Why is it that almost all the time when I hear of a company posting major losses, I also start hearing employees seeking pay raises? Isn’t it unethical to push a company into a further rut? Or is it that employees know their own fate and start pressing onto the wind further extinguishing an already reducing fire?

AP – Cathay crew threaten no smiles, booze on flights.

Facebook post on Thackeray: Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan promises strict action to Katju

Facebook post on Thackeray: Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan promises strict action to Katju – The Times of India.

At least some one is awake in the darkest nights of Maharashtra!

Mumbai attack gunman Qasab executed

Well I have to write something about this one for sure. A man in conjunction with another enters Indian soil from Pakistan territory and enters a train station killing 52 people and dares to roam around freely on  the station – a cold hearted bastard! Thank God India captured him and treated him as a souvenir of the aftermath and made him remember his day for another 5 years before he was hanged today. And what swiftness and quickness of thought that even before the Indian media woke to the news, the hanging had been done and body cremated. I wonder why even his body is being harbored on our soil. He should be thrown in the sea wrapped in pig skin. This man garnered so much international hatred that even his next seven avatars as per the Hindu beliefs will rot in hell. Well at least we now can sleep in peace knowing that this bastard will not eat up any more of Indian tax payers money. Not only did he kill so many people but he also took up one of the most important positions in the Indian political systems. A death well managed I’d say. Congrats Indian government! Well done!

Pine Island Glacier Primed to Break

Pine Island Glacier Primed to Break : Discovery News.

Not another man made catastrophe but a spectacular one for sure. A glacier the size of New York sounds interesting. Another Titanic in the making anyone?

The post doesn’t allow me to attach the assigned image so this one goes without one.

The worst scientific theories about why you vote!

Surely worth a read… tells you the weirdest reasons about why you vote and why did Obama win today!

Hurricane Sandy’s Top 5: What You Need to Know


Hurricane Sandy’s Top 5: What You Need to Know – weather.com.

Hows it looking right now guys? How is the weather at Hartford?

Will be my hand writing every Monday!

Le Devil: Well well well… what have we got here? WTF… Did you just post another “Thank You”?

Le Me: Oh hell yeah I did! My readers deserve it.

Le Devil: Well what the hell did they do to deserve it? Ain’t I supposed to receive a Thanks as well?

Le Me: You… you for what? For constantly holding me back? Now that I have freed myself from your bogus and restraining thinking, I can think free. It feels so much better. And as for my readers, my dear followers, they made my blog what it is today and so fast. How many blogs garner a 1000 likes in a mere month. This one did and all because of them! This is what I wanna do. This is what interests me, motivates me. My readers, followers, their choices, their awareness. Making them laugh, ponder, nervous and think is what I wanna do. Their amazing comments, likes, their followings totally make my day. I keep waiting for the star sign at the top right of my page, the comment sign,  the + sign for new followers just totally tell me that I’m being favored and appreciated.

Le Devil: OK OK Stop it now! I just let you and you start talking like you are talking to a wall! God Damn it… I didn’t know that you loved doing this so much! But what is it that you wanna do more apart from this especially now that you know that people like what they see on your page?

Le Me: Not a tough one silly… I wanna write my own content! On topics I hope will serve common purposes and some personal ones as well.

Le Devil: So will you stop posting all the rest?

Le Me: Nope… not at all! All of that along with some original ones from my own repertoire!

Le Devil: What if they don’t like it?

Le Me: I’ll try and raise the quality of my writing and the topics as well but there willl definitely be no stopping now! And all my new posts will be posted on Mondays…

Le Devil: You’ve gone nuts! Screw you…

Le Me: Screw you too!

Sebastian Vettel to join Ferrari in 2014, but Massa remains for 2013


Click to learn more!

A fantastic move I must say. If it materializes which will depend on the results from next season i.e. the performance clauses, 2014 season will be mega! The problem that Red Bull will face will be to look out for a driver equivalent to Vettel or someone who could even remotely come close. As for Ferrari, it’ll be a frictional season with both the drivers as World Champions and both looking for one!

Giant eyeball found on beach, posing mystery for marine biologists


Giant eyeball found on beach, posing mystery for marine biologists – Cosmic Log.

Man this is so huge!! How could it just wash ashore. Would take a lot of force to even get off from a sea bed. Anyways it would be worth finding out what it really is.

RTI should be circumscribed if it encroaches on privacy: PM – India

http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_rti-should-be-circumscribed-if-it-encroaches-on-privacy-pm_1751760 Yeah right! Even your dick can be circumcised if you ask Sonia Gandhi her salary!

Infosys announces salary hike of 6% effective October


Atleast one company is living up to its promise. What’s left to see is the ingredients in the hike!