What is ‘net neutrality’ and what is its future after US court ruling?

FAQ: What is ‘net neutrality’ and what is its future after US court ruling? – The Times of India

An interesting article. I had no clue ISPs could allot specific bandwidth for specific websites so some websites function faster. Well what do you think about it? Isn’t bandwidth everyones right to have? All should have it equal no matter what they do. What if I don’t work on YouTube at all and all I do is blog and read which requires minimum possible bandwidth? And what about torrents? How is bandwidth assigned to this? Also do websites themselves have any say in the allotment of bandwidth? What if YouTube asks for higher bandwidths from ISPs and starts paying them for it? Won’t it be the infringement of user rights?


When the Devils Danced and Fairies Cried

2013 – An year of the unforgettables.

As it comes to an end and I try to reminisce the rights and the wrongs, the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows, the heartaches and some not, the pains and pleasures – I stand ready to be emptied and filled again, like clay ready to mold, like water waiting to be filled in a jar.

Its been that kind of year. I am so depressingly filled with negative feelings that I wish I can be recreated, from scratch – born again to live free and then die again with no regrets. They are bursting to come out. Right people need to know but how will it reflect upon me? Will I stand vindicated? My experience says – No.

So, forget? I Can’t. Tried that too many times and lost.

So, do what? Quit.  I should seek my own space. But that once I’m done reminiscing this year.

The biggest event of this year for me was my siblings wedding, bringing a new member to our family, with cheers all around. He is all grown up now. Handles himself and his wife very astutely. Mom and Dad are mighty proud of him and so am I.

That being said, that has been the only happy event of the year. Rest has been intensely gloomy. The suffering that fate has unleashed upon my home has admonished us to think beyond the realm of possibility. We are broken from inside. She – more so. And yet my love for life stands so much more invigorated again, only the trigger remains unclear. I could start with a thousand things, but then there could be none too.

I turned 30 this year and life has become a parody of suffering, learning, rising, fighting and living. Lemme call this song “My Life”.

I don’t have a long time to live and I don’t wish to live long. I just want to have bombs of happiness dropped on me every 4 months or so to erase the pain inside or at least partly subside it.

Sachin “The God” Tendulkar retired – the second saddest event of the year. His farewell speech will always stay with me in my heart and the hearts of his billion other followers and so will his legacy. No cricketer can and will ever touch his greatness, his humility and passion for his game.

India finally now has had its hands on all the 3 ICC (International Cricket Council) Trophies – The Champions Trophy, The ICC World Cup and The ICC T20 World Cup – the only team to have done so till date. We are proud of you boys – keep going!

The people of Delhi finally came into their own this year with Aam Aadmi Party doing what no other party could do in the last 15 years of corruption – dislodge Congress. Too many scams, rising prices, rapes, molestations have finally forced people to look into a direction that aims to guide Delhi towards mending what has broken completely – trust on government. Lets hope things change quickly and for good and Delhi at least becomes a safe haven for women.

Emergence of Narendra Modi as the colossal giant is the single greatest challenge Congress will face with its reputation also taking a severe dent after the loss in the state elections this year.

I’m neutral but I want change. The Center requires someone who delivers on his promises without hurting peoples pockets. Prices are out of control. Living has become expensive and the way prices of the some of the most basic amenities spirals out of control is intolerable. Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, sugar. Rice, wheat get expensive with not enough storage to shelter the produce. Petrol price seems to have stabilized but I hope other energy products become cheap and available for public. I’m least happy with the situation for women in the nations capital. Nothing is being done to shelter the harmed and stop the harm itself.

Uttarakhand and Muzaffarnagar were two major incidents of the year that have led to massive life and property damages.  Clearly no one can be blamed for the former, for it was the natures retaliation to damage that we inflict upon it. But the other, clashes between castes and the other sects of Indian society, should have been averted. Taking advantage of peoples sentiments towards their religion is the worst thing we can do and we do it without any qualms. In this particular case, people are still dying without even a clear reason for the clashes. Stop it!

Lets make this new year to change our mindset for the better. Lets be happy, love each other, live our lives to the full and learn to take responsibility for your actions. We are the people who drive this nation. Keep it clean. Recycle. Try and curb pollution. Lets make this nation even more beautiful.

Better late than never!

Ain’t it cheaper to use soaps than a shower gel for a monthly budget? I mean get the deals of (3+1) on soaps and there you are… done for more than a month.

And it took me 4 years and 5 months of fucking misery to get this straight in my head!!!

Better late than never they say!



Independence from the British empire 67 years ago – a nation is born. Powers traded. 90 years of freedom fighting, people killed – all to conquer a land, that had more gold than all worlds combined.

Independence – to us it stands for countless lives spent to attain it.

It’s been 67 years and we are yet to move on. We still linger in the debts of the heavy past that somehow seems to still drive our nation to the wild. Is this in our nature to live in the past? We keep condemning what happened then and we base our relationships and opinions and generate hatred for the people who frankly are suffering way more than most of us can imagine. Them and us – we are scared. People who want simple lives and wish to attain basic goals either get killed or live in persistent fear of getting killed in one or the other terrorist attacks. Terrorists – who are fuelled by hatred towards people across the border.

What have we turned our independence into? Is it a grant we have taken? Is the only meaning of independence – literal? Doesn’t it define our responsibility towards the people who govern our country by forming a government and who form the public? Why is hatred such an important part of what we do and does it make sense to base it on a forgettable past? We need to learn. Learn to take care of each other not as brothers or sisters but as humans. It’s the deepest relation. We shouldn’t need anything more.

Yet we kill and praise killing. I salute all those who spend their lives saving the public of their respective countries. From their perspective, it’s what they should do else they’ll be killed as well.

After 67 years of independence, shouldn’t we move forward from amongst the shadows of our past and into a brighter future for our future generations to see our country as worth living. Nothing would make me prouder to see our youngsters say – we have loved our country for what it has been but we are here to move it forward with a stronger root and greener branches.

Please bring peace to each other. Give yourself a break from treating each other like shit. Killing does nothing but bring us into the class of several others who don’t value human lives.

Whatever the measures, get it done with once and for all. We have wasted enough resources and blood for petty issues that are used for political mileage over and over again. Is this what our future will be all about?

We need to change before it’s too late!!!

Shopping and Credit

Yup. We went SHOPPING. We went shopping after SUCH a long while, it felt as if it had been decades before we actually visited a mall leave alone any brand store. Did a lot. BOUGHT a LOT.

Such a RELIEF it was.

Got some bare essentials, some apparel, some accessories and a question – does everyone feel the same, I mean relieved, after shopping? It has never never happened to me before, as the more expensive the products got, the happier I was. It was like a slap on fates face just to show – how it can be done and how things are ever improving. The more I’m being pushed down, the better I’m springing up. It was like a huge stride in my life to buy some of the stuff that I had only dreamt about in my boyhood days. Although, the best relief was to see my wife smiling so much after a very simple affair like a hair wash at L’Oreals. It’s so difficult to forget that face and those hair of course. And she bought a ton of other things too.

It was a beautiful evening with the sun peeping through the clouds. The weather was surprisingly cold for May 11 in Delhi as we were easily able to roam around without any covers and to our comfort, it even rained in the evening making the weather so much cooler and windier. It was like a day meant to start turning the tides in my life. The start of the crests after a prolonged season full of troughs. I don’t say all this on the back of the power of money but all of it felt really positive. I felt I could do something – something to cheer my wife on. It has been so gloomy, the last couple of months that such rays of sunshine were really welcomed. The vibes were good, we had a good time after ages and watched a movie, that too after a while.

Although I spent a lot, for the first time in my life, I wasn’t crying spending all of it. No regrets. And in the parking lot, I just said, fuck the credit. It felt really good to say it for I know how quintessential credit is for a better life but, I am now starting to believe credit is bad and it’s a pain in the ass than anything else. Your whole life starts revolving around the payments that you gotta make the next month or the EMI’s that’ll get deducted every 1st of your month making the joy of a salary credit in your account, so much more flawed and short-lived.

Anyone else feels the same?

From alcohol to kites: An A to Z guide to the Islamic Republic of ‘Banistan’


These are amongst the few things banned in Pakistan!

Click on any of the images to read the original article.

Face-lift at Facebook – or another vicious circle?

Face-lift at Facebook, to keep its users engaged | NDTV Gadgets.

Read this article folks. This is the exact same issue I have been facing since the day I introduced myself to the blog world and decided that I wanted to share feeds from my blog with the world.

It seems, in the wake of the intense advertising routines that Facebook seems to have introduced in recent years on our Facebook timelines, we lose a lot of important and valuable stuff we would have wanted to see instead what we actually see are posts that we are in most probability going to like or click ‘Like’ upon.

Lets start from scratch. What would a social network want from it’s users? To keep them engaged and logged in to their website to show and establish it’s popularity. Now, to provide better services to it’s users, they themselves started filtering out the results by noticing the users browsing and clicking patterns from months of their usage basically implying to everyone that all of the other stuff from all our other friends is either unimportant or trash and something that we would never have wanted to read. How does Facebook get to decide if it can filter out our news feed? Isn’t that something absolutely pivotal to my own engagement with Facebook? I may sound like a fool to many who don’t believe in Facebook but then I never said I believed in it either. It’s of use to me only to remain connected to people who are concerned with you and whom you are concerned about and tell the people about my blog. Advertisements are a legitimate way for the company to make revenue to keep serving the millions of it’s users and hence it’s mandatory for them too keep the advertising turned on. But should it come at the expense of user feeds? How can they just randomly fathom our likes and dislikes? Just by using an algorithm that determines the best choice for us, I fail to see the point of remaining connected with around 500 friends of mine who would normally share daily but don’t show on my timeline as they have either remained absent for a while or are reluctant users of technology but they are nonetheless close friends of mine, people whom I won’t call everyday but would like to keep a tap on.

Another face-lift for Facebook or is it merely a new way to introduce advertisement at even higher costs of our privacy and time and motivation to remain on Facebook, to use it to make the best of our lives? Has it gotten the better of us? Has it gotten better than us?

Remains to be seen.

Regarding my own issue with Facebook, I would love to advertise my blog, to show my posts to the world but how will it happen if my posts keep getting suppressed below the barrage of advertisements or bull-shit posts that cloud my timeline and others timelines as well. It’s all a circle – if my posts aren’t visible to others, how will they ‘like’ them and others will never see my posts if they don’t ‘like’ my posts. How is someone ever supposed to get out of this vicious circle? Facebook’s answer will be – buy our advertisement services and we’ll raise your audience by over two-thirds of what they today are.

Is it worth it? Am I wasting my time with Facebook?

Cathay crew threaten no smiles, booze on flights

Quite a threat this… Beware passengers. You may be Cathay Pacific borne this holiday season and you may not be provided food, drinks and even smiles!!

I don’t understand this though. Why is it that almost all the time when I hear of a company posting major losses, I also start hearing employees seeking pay raises? Isn’t it unethical to push a company into a further rut? Or is it that employees know their own fate and start pressing onto the wind further extinguishing an already reducing fire?

AP – Cathay crew threaten no smiles, booze on flights.

The worst scientific theories about why you vote!

Surely worth a read… tells you the weirdest reasons about why you vote and why did Obama win today!

Google threatens to exclude French media from Search in protest

Google threatens to exclude French media from Search in protest – SlashGear.

Google has a very valid point here. They are a company. They are not responsible for every print edition of every newspaper in every country on this planet. Use their service and you’ll have to pay else don’t use it at all.

Why Google’s Q3 earnings aren’t nearly as bad as you might think

It’s just indicative. Nothing at all can be derived or proven from what Google has received from the third quarter. The best you can make out from this result is that people are scared to accept the concept of Google buying Motorola Mobility and turning it into a profitable unit. But Google normally have made decisions in the past as well that have made people sense only after a few years for example Android!

Can the world keep its promises on schools?


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Guess what! India is ahead in atleast one of the fields where rest of the world lags – child education! A mammoth 20% increase in the number of child enrollments in primary education! Brilliant head-start! African countries are being held up the most, probably due to infrastructure limitations but then there should have been South Africa that should have led the revolution but they are one of the poorest performers – I’m amazed at the figures. The figures themselves reveal a sad story even with so much progress. A mere 20% progress in 10 years? Are we in stone age or just loathed in indulgence with no moral responsibility towards the backward classes. Everyone should have done their bit. Children are the foundation of any nation and ignoring their education will lead developing nations like India to go backwards rather than forward. Children establish the identity of the nation amongst the world. We should care for them. Just today Supreme Court released a notice saying every working child should be enrolled in a primary school. A head start I must say!

As PC era fades, good times may be over at Intel


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Intel can neither die nor will ever face bad times. They define the processor and chip market. It’s gonna remain the monopoly that they have since long established.

Europe suffered 51 ‘severe’ communications outages in 2011, study shows | Internet & Media – CNET News


Europe suffered 51 ‘severe’ communications outages in 2011, study shows

In this fast paced world where communication is absolutely pivotal, this is a shocker and to be true, a mandate. You can’t get rid of these faulty softwares or hardwares. What they certainly can try and do is improve the quality of the services to exact the number of failures in the infrastructure.

Indian MBA graduates have to settle for less

Need I say more? MBA’s are becoming as fast redundant as did Engineering courses. Not because I’m an engineer myself but the way I have settled for it is in two years time when students graduate from an above average MBA College and they are offered a salary, I would already have started earning the sum that they would be offered. The advantage – an extra degree. The disadvantage – lesser experience. Just decide what is it that you want more!

Why three wheeled cars could be the future of driving

Why three wheeled cars could be the future of driving

Why three wheeled cars could be the future of driving.

Just take away the ease of steering and then look at the case? Isn’t steering easier now as well? And these will be very small. What about the space for your lunch boxes on a day trip or  suitcases when you want to pick up mom and dad from airport?

I believe this will only be a solution where people with low means would want to have a car. Or they can run the way three wheelers are used in India as a local transport where they can be zippy and easy to steer and can carry multiple people if you create large wagons at their backs!

Biswas: Some good reads for the week

BBC News – Biswas: Some good reads for the week.

This article is about India and the past week. India is being squeezed. Both politically and economically. Both inside and outside. It’s heart rendering the way Indians are being made to pay more for what could be cheap. Currency is bouncing back after a big time stutter against the dollar. The market is going up. But where we are lacking is an understanding of why Indian law makers appear to be so lax to create reforms. Basic necessities are getting out of hand and as I speak, the writer of this blog is reaching the day one-by-one where he will soon be declared below-poverty-line. Not that India is struggling by itself, it is being made to struggle by politicians, filthy politicians who for their own benefits are stopping reforms that’ll stop their own Swiss bank accounts from filling up with dollars. I do not recall even a single reform measure that has been given a go-ahead in the Parliament straight up till date unless there is only one party sitting in the office. Every one has a voice and they fight and debate and create ruckus of all kinds against anything that takes their own money away. Corruption anyone? Yes, big time.

HTC profits slide 79% as competition stiffens


BBC News – HTC profits slide 79% as competition stiffens.

Another sufferer of the Samsung and Apple boom.

Hi-tech toilets save lives – and mean big business


BBC News – Hi-tech toilets save lives – and mean big business.

Try putting them to use in India and we’ll see. UN will definitely use India either has their role model to show the world how proper sanitation can change the way the world will see India or they will use this technology last in India as they would have lost all hope. The toilets here are unkempt, dirty, lack facilities, are ugly and stink so much that an entire street or a road would smell like a toilet itself. The toilets themselves are so less, that people often find the best way to relieve themselves is by the roadside and not a far-fetched toilet. Shabby!

Here are the fifteen professions that drink the most coffee. Guess who’s number one.


Here are the fifteen professions that drink the most coffee. Guess who’s number one..

Arvind Kejriwal and his supporters protest power tariff hike in Delhi, burn electricity bills


Arvind Kejriwal and his supporters protest power tariff hike in Delhi, burn electricity bills | NDTV.com.

The electricity bill last month drilled a huge hole in everyone’s pocket in Delhi. The day when the bills were distributed, everyone in my street had their hands on their heads wondering of their other bills and the means with which they would pay them. Hope this intervention from Arvind Kejriwal helps us.

Quantum weirdness gone wild!


Quantum weirdness gone wild! – Cosmic Log.

What a find! I mean no frauds will simply erase the fear of payments and transactions going bad or erroneous. A technology worth waiting and putting to use!

Electric cars ‘pose environmental threat’

BBC News – Electric cars ‘pose environmental threat’.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the technology of the future? Fuel efficient, lowest cost of running and bla bla bla!!! And then this comes in!!!

India’s Kingfisher halts flights for another week


BBC News – India’s Kingfisher halts flights for another week.

Is Vijay Mallya’s reign as the airline king in India coming to an end? I doubt so. A man of his means and sources who could build an airline empire from scratch will certainly still have trump cards hidden up his sleeves. Whatever happens, we will all surely miss some of the best air hostesses on those planes… 😉