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A Dialogue

My life is a train with a single coach. Not enough space for a lot of travellers. But it’s assured that the travellers shall receive my nod before they board. And because I’m a man of small set of people and even smaller means, I have to make the most of what I spend and whom I spend it on. I set my fare and I set my limits to what you get and how much. But I assure you, it’ll be fun!

I’m a man of only 3 languages – English, Hindi and Respect. If I have to explain any view to any stranger – foreigner or alien, these are the only languages I’ll use. I have nothing else in my arsenal. Sign language perhaps, but it’s really not my forte. I’ll possibly show them the green and try to explain the similarities between their world and ours. Make them comfortable. A Blue Label peg ought to lighten them up. I’ll make my guests take a window seat in my train, and let them get amazed at the pace and the beauty of the journey. North, South, East, West, Rains, Sun, Dawn, Dusk, Clouds, Architecture, nearly everything under the beautiful blue skies and anything that can meet the eye at that fanatic pace.

They’ll find it difficult at first but with exercise and training, they’ll start to see their own world through my eyes. Different colors and a different perspective of life.

I’ll probably let them jot down their thoughts in their own language or script and later translate them myself to publish on my blog. That way I’ll understand their language too making the entire journey a dialogue.

Let me dedicate a song for the night too. It’s one of my all time favorites –

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Harda – A Seed is Sown

A trip back in time will definitely take me to a day in Harda. It’s a tiny town at the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Unnoticeable railway station, shabby outdoors, pathetic roads, and yet an amazingly calm and earthly demeanor that makes you feel at home.

I first met this place on a wet day. Me and my brother were to appear for an entrance test at our first convent school. It was tough – for English was never our forte. They kept talking to us in that foreign language all the while getting us to appear for tests in Mathematics, Science, and English. I don’t remember the marks I scored then, but the principal seemed pretty satisfied with however we had performed. I remember dad buying our books, notebooks, and our uniforms from their stationery shop. I remember the parking, the church, buildings under construction, ducks, birds, green color of the wet trees, incessant rain, and the hooting from the trains passing by the nearby railway station.

By the time, we completed the admission formalities, we got late and dad decided to buy us dinner from a nearby market. I remember us searching for food throughout the town in that rain. The rain, the rain, I just can’t get that rain out of my head. It just never drizzled. It poured all day so hard and with such ferocity, it forced shopkeepers to stay in and finding an eatery was hard. After much search though, we found a street side vendor selling CHAAT and GOLGAPPE (Pani Puri) in a deserted street.

GOLGAPPE – ones that I was going to remember for all my life. Now to let all of you in on what GOLGAPPE are all about, let me show you a picture and the procedure on how they are served –

Pani Puri

These are served with a filling made from potatoes and peas and later filled with tangy tamarind or mango water. You then put the whole thing at one go inside your mouth and let it blast inside, leaving a heavenly taste on your tongue and on the cheek walls. Now, these are so thin, they tend to sog even with mild moisture in the air and that day, it was pouring. So to add some taste to them, he added hot fillings, off the stove. There were no potatoes, only peas and I’m yet to taste anything like that till date. Somehow he had added magic.

When we returned though, all I remember having was a rather unwelcome feeling of separation!

What I’d like to visit from that day again –


2. The railway station.

3. That rain.

4. That school compound.

5. I’d like to know the marks I scored in my English test.

What I’d like to skip on my next visit –


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The Faceless Man

Oh man! 2 days full of blogs in my mailbox, hard work pouring out from so many of them and all of them crave for an embrace, a touch, a tap to let them know that they are “Well Done”! Keep up the brilliant work people… keep my brain entertained and involved. Give me ideas and I’ll give you some. We are a network – just us, no “foreigners”, no outsiders! You care for my blog and I’ll take care of yours! Give and take – share! We share so much – a passion for writing, reading, embracing strangeness, apt thoughts, discussion and a very real tendency to despise physicality! We are very happy with words and the images they create.

It’s one of those images I’ll talk about now. The invisible man.

Has anyone ever noticed, how we do somethings only for the sake of an imaginary image, who always watches you. Whether you are alone or in a crowd, it’ll always be just you and him. All the mannerisms you inhabitate throughout your life, we adopt them for that man watching us from some angle, out of your peripheral vision. He wants you to do things in one particular way. The correct way.

Even the people who say they don’t care for pretenses, like myself, do some things out of habit, only to get a smile on that faceless man! That faceless man who starts watching you, very early in your life, starts getting a face, not from your mirror but people who’ve influenced you the most.

I’m a case in point. I always feel that whatever I do, I do it for an imaginary man, who’s not fat but isn’t lean either. He’s an ideal image. I feel guilty if I don’t do things the correct way because they didn’t satiate that imaginary man! I feel he’d now be shaking his head saying “there goes the fool again” or “does he ever listen to me?”. “Why do you drive fast when you only make a difference of 5 minutes between the speeds of 80 mph and 95 mph?”! I just keep trying to appease him. Sometimes I pass and there’s a high-five, sometimes I fail and show a finger to his face.

He’s the man I listen to first and only then reply. Hence, I’m slow to respond. I have to listen to him for he’s my correct voice. The voice of equality and fairness. He watches everything while I watch only what matters. He’s my answer to all my do’s and dont’s.

I wonder if he’s my conscience or if I’m going nuts. When I laugh, somewhere inside me, I feel like I’m watching another man laughing too, only that he’s much smarter, has better voice, has a fuller laugh , and knows a lot more than I do. There’s never a conversation between him and me. He always knows my questions before I even ask them. He’s always 2 steps ahead of me, only to make matters far worse than they ever are. I feel he’s the reason for a timeless guilt.

Is it a disorder? I feel fine. I love everyone who deserves love. I hate everyone. I don’t ever run away from anything. But deep down I feel I’m being torn apart into two.

I’m not the only one who feels that there’s always someone watching us though. He’s definitely not God, for I feel him. I feel him around me. Just a few days ago, I think I felt his touch on my shoulder. It scared the shit out of me. And then during lunchtime, a colleague of mine, asked me about this third person himself. He had a lot more difficulty explaining it to me than I’m having explaining it to you. See just now, the other man asked me “Are you sure that you are communicating fine?” – oozing sarcasm. Trust me, I’m not talking to myself. It’s another man.

Can anyone please explain it to me? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Just to explain how lazy I am, or have been, I thought of this post about a year back and it comes out only now!

I Died In My Dream Tonight – TWICE!

Have you ever died in your own dreams? Anytime, anyhow, whichever way?

I did. TWICE in one big dream. And guess who killed me – I did. I killed myself twice in a dream. In one of them, I actually carefully inserted a huge knife inside “the me”, who was spread eagled on a bed – tied tight! I saw myself struggle and die.

In the next instance, I killed my other self by smashing my face with a hammer. I felt no pain. I would have smiled, I know I would’ve because there was relief. I don’t remember any other detail from the dream. But is it even possible to see yourself in your own dream? I thought it was impossible.

I woke up all sweaty, tired, but very relieved. My shoulders were lighter, there was no ache that pounded my back. I was seeing clearer and found myself filled with energy. I know I can Google all my answers but I’d like anyone among my audience to explain what I went through?

This Right Here

Ritika Tattoo


This right here is a gift for love!

This right here is a promise to stay in love!

This right here is a masochistic rush!

This right here is the fear of needles forgotten!

This right here is the feel of blood trickling down my spine!

This right here is a valentines gift!

This right here is my wife on my flesh – My Star and My Angel!

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Zee2Etch – Task #21

Zee2Etch Task #21 has me contemplating on what I posted in Zee2Etch Task #19.

Well here’s one take on that post –


Power 2

A Saddened Diwali!

A Saddened Diwali!

You know you haven’t had a happy Diwali when the only picture worth taking was of the door for the rest of the house just didn’t deserve any attention. Tired, with swollen eyes, we got all that we could with hearts as hopeless as barren deserts. No happiness, just a routine mundane Diwali. A bit of cleaning hither and thither, a clean and glittering temple for the Gods berthing.


I still have no clue why we went about celebrating it at all. It was all doom and gloom from day one and even though we could feel a lot of strings opening up between each other, my wife and I just wished this torture came to an end. A birthday came and went with nothing but remorse to show for my own birth. Celebrations were a far cry. No cakes, no candles, no talks just emptiness to fill our hearts. And all for saying what was right!!!

To Home and Back – 4 days full of bliss

Sometimes we just need vacations. To run away from our mundane life and the same fucked up people we meet everyday to meet new ones. I needed this vacation. I was sick and tired of the sickening fucked up home and such life. After all that my wife and I bore together in the past few months, both of us desperately needed a vacation or at bare minimum, a change of location. I had tried applying for vacations twice but one got turned down and the other wasn’t even given a heed in my office. But my last attempt got cleared and 2 days and a weekend was what we had to reboot our heads.

It’d been a long time since my brothers marriage and we hadn’t seen our parents and somewhere deep within our hearts, we owed them a visit. So,we decided to rather see them and save our money than run away to some hill station and spend all that we had saved.

It turned out to be a fantastic decision at the end.

The first day was normal stay at home and we just slept through it. A simple foray into a market and we got my mother her most favorite Pineapple cake. Soft and sumptuous as it was, we just couldn’t resist digging our fingers into it but wait was what was in store for us. We also had to go see my in-laws and once we were late to return from there, my parents had already slept. So tired as we were, a simple hug and a birthday wish was all we could offer her that night before we all slept again.

The next day was packed for activities which included a visit to my parents favorite temple – Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain (M.P.). We woke up and got ready in a haste to reach the temple as early as possible so we don’t get to face the extreme heat. But this was my mum’s birthday and the cake cutting was in order. The cake was duly cut and dug in and she absolutely loved it. We then boarded a taxi and started for our journey. Quite frankly, as you will all see from our faces, we are a family of die-hard foodies. And one particular restaurant “Pappu Da Dhaba” holds special fondness among us. It serves hot breakfast with tea and just totally makes our day with it’s taste. The best part is, it’s located exactly at the half way point between Bhopal and Indore and completely satiates any hunger for the rest of the day. Here is one picture of the route I took with my phone’s camera –


It was a glorious day, bathed in sunshine, with mild heat emanating from the ground, making it so much more comfortable. I hadn’t had a field day in months and I was absorbing all that nature had to offer. We reached Ujjain in around 3.5 hours and headed straight to the temple.

To learn more about Ujjain, please click the link below –


The temple hosts Lord Shiva in his most glorious of forms. As taking pictures inside the temple isn’t allowed, I couldn’t get any but they certainly are available all over the net. Try and search it out for yourself or visit this site –


On normal days, the temple is absolutely packed full of pilgrims at all times but for some strange reason, we were quite early there that day even at 12:30 pm and the temple to our collective sighing souls was fully available for view at our discretion. Here are some pictures we took at the pavement –

This is my family (from the left) – wife, dad and mom!


Indian rituals wherein we tie threads to trees for every prayer or wish we want to come true –



We then went from temple to temple, all of whom held historical significance and here are some pictures from them –

DSC_0284 DSC_0282 DSC_0257


By the time we were done with the 4th temple, moms feet had given away and we decided to direct our journey back for home. It got very cloudy and then rainy by the time we re-crossed the same “Pappu Da Dhaba” but that didn’t deter us from taking a tea break there. Here are some pictures from the way I think are worth noting –

DSC_0301 DSC_0300 DSC_0299 DSC_0296

I was surprised to see something that mom and wife had bought right outside the main temple – a Rudraksh that contained nearly all the elements that pertain to Lord Shiva. I think it’s fantastic. I have tried washing them and nothing but some paint has come off it for I just couldn’t believe that something of this sort could exist, so apparently it may be real too –



Coming home, late that evening, I couldn’t help but realize how nature tries and holds it’s course while all that humans do gets dissolved in it. We pollute it and then we preserve it but how it has stayed pure at its roots is something what should teach us – to hold on to our firm pure roots.

The third day was my moms kitty party and oh man – how do us guys then realize that we aren’t even welcome home for those 4 hours. They despise us, hate us and then it’s left up to our better judgement to find a place where we can spend those 4 hours loafering around the city. It was that afternoon that I tasted peppermint right from it’s leaves in a nursery. It was heavenly.

The next evening after a lunch at my in-laws, we left back for Delhi.

I loved the journey and couldn’t help but share it with you guys.

Thanks for reading.