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Among the plethora of things that I hate/despise, one is moderation! And I see it more and more on Indian websites. Are we so easily offended? What’s it all about? And what about that lame and pathetic list of instructions on how and what to blog about, right before you sign up for a blogging or social networking website? I even saw it once on a porn website. Really! What do you need moderation for, on a porn website? Hell, they even corrected grammar in certain cases! Morons!

Here’s what happened when I approached a certain famous blog networking website –

I typed their name on my omnibox and the first name that popped up was their website. Impressive! So they do good. I go to their website, see a host of advertisements, their events, a few famous blogs and say, why not give it a try? I look for a “sign up” button, find a couple of them and click on the largest one.

Next page that opens up, is in all practicality, senselessly useless and an embarrassment to say the least. It’s a page full of heinous attempts to scare ingenuine people off and some genuine ones who were looking for a platform but blogged about contents that may offend a certain audience. And the ones who go on to sign up, feel a fear of some stinky moderators keeping their eagle eyes on every word I write with powers to disavow the blog if they find something offensive or unrelated. I have a question for all those moderators – do you read everything that passes under your nose? Do you use softwares to scan certain words and read only the faulty filtered ones? How is it? Because when moderation was applied on a blog, you never explained moderation and it’s type. So when I write a new post, I know it’s being read, evaluated and then circulated when all I want is circulation. Read it but never stop circulating it, in no circumstance!

When you start an initiative, to build a huge group of bloggers, bloggers need never be aware of any moderation. That seed of fear that you’re trying to sow inside their heads using that set of lame instructions/requests/guidelines is needless. You see amazing talent out there and they all have preferences. Bloggers, when they approach a certain website to spread a word about their website, do not in any condition, want their websites to gain any negative publicity/stamp/thoughts. Some work very hard during their days and come home at night to vent it out and for some it’s their livelihood. You can’t play around with that. They are all trying to follow the rules, but only due to some miscreants, everyone else comes under the scanner too.

My question comes for erotic poems – what are they? Offensive? In India it is. You get offended by even a slight mention of genitals no matter how subtly you do it. Or simple erotic writing? Are these a category that are automatically filtered out. I mean aren’t you killing content? Aren’t you debasing thoughts?

And what about people who yap about politics day in and day out, misinforming people, forming opinions with polling, and such? Is that acceptable? Is it moderated? And if not, why? When you moderate, I believe you are doing a social service. Then why doesn’t your work then include fending off bogus people who mean nothing but to spread false information?

What about foul and indecent language? Do rants count for blogs?

Now to make my side clear, I don’t do any of the above. I write about personal stuff, things that don’t need moderation and yet, I may as well be waiting for a few days before I start using the aforesaid blog networking platform. But these are a lot of questions that need answering.

This also raises a lot of questions about what kind of audience are we, the Indians. Aren’t we ready to read everything and not form an opinion about it and simply say good or bad? Why don’t I see such instructions/guidelines on the pages of other liberal countries? Why do we get offended so much? Why aren’t we liberal enough to simply pass a thought without judgement? Just say – nice words, powerful content, well put, well I see some grammatical errors! People don’t write to get validated all the time. Many a times, they are just fleeting thoughts that are put into words and words can be harsh, disrespectful, violent, erotic, just name a feeling and you have a word for it, well in English, most of them! You can’t keep getting offended by everything. We have to learn to let go until it really interferes with our working/process/thinking.


Note – This post isn’t particularly about any website. I’ve faced this moderation thing so many times in the past, in so many forms that this post was always on the cards!

Speak vs Write – A Literal Debate

Write Better
Write Better

What is it that is more naturally correct? Writing or speaking?

I think the essence of answer to this question lies more in the answer to another question – which one hurts more?

As I write this post I am seriously contemplating, how important is spontaneity when replying verbally?

When we speak, the words that leave our lips are irrevocable. And when those words are meant to hurt someone, they may leave lasting scars. Those words are never a medicine to mend some wounds. They are what they are, knives disguised as scalpels. And they invariably achieve what they were set out to – blast the last shred of skin off the heart. The listener is more often than not supposed to act irrationally and may even cut the speaker short with a rebound of even harsher words or simply resort to violence. It’s also important to note that many would say the volume at which the words are spoken also holds a lot of importance. I’d advise them to visit me once. I’ll show them, hands on, how I can do what many can’t at maintainable and audible volumes. It’s the words that matter my friends. Having verbal duels also has another aspect – the face of the speaker is right in front of the listener and it certainly makes matters a lot worse. Those extraordinary unintentional unpractised wrinkles that pop out from the forehead and cheeks combined with strong lip action may lend an even more expansive expression than what may have been intended. I know for sure, because it happens to me everyday in my 10-7 shifts 5 days of every week.

When we write though, the words are measured, thought out and often done with a calmer head. Not that written words don’t hurt, but they also lend a certain meaning to the scars they are about to impress. The reader may blow his head off for he has no one to face right then, but that’s what negates violence, lets heads cool and rational actions follow. It also gives listeners a good amount of time to offer better thought out answers for very difficult or irritating questions or arguments. But then what’s written can never be taken back too. You may burn those letters, erase those emails or scratch them off but they have made their presence felt and in a more permanent way than their verbal counterparts.

My advice – just be careful whichever you go for. I prefer the written ones for they prove that the words actually existed. They give you a lot of options and all confusion can be resolved after a rational discussion. They are both necessary but be mellow, for everyone has their ego that they are trying to fulfil by working hard everyday. Life isn’t all fun and lets not make it bitter for anyone by infusing unnecessary poison.

Daily Prompt – The Show Must Go On


Rather than tell you what I would want to be in a movie, I’ll tell you what I’d rather not be.

A director and the actor are artists. They require a tremendous amount of creativity. They are people who are on the screen directing peoples emotions the way they want to see it, the way they visualize it. They bring mortality to imaginary characters.

I’m not creative. I’m a guy of processes and initiatives. I’d rather collect than create. So I’d better be a producer or even lesser – an associate producer who’ll do everything for a producer all the while learning from the process as I’m a novice in the movie business as of today! I’d learn how to invest in a movie and make it come true gathering the best people for their parts for directing and acting! I’d watch the real faces of the actors from the background and their tantrums and how to deal with each of them in the future. And last but not the least, I’d make more money than anyone on the sets and they’ll forever care for my offers. I’ll be strict with my schedules and will make sure to see no over-budgeting in the movie. Efficiency will be my second name.

What is ‘net neutrality’ and what is its future after US court ruling?

FAQ: What is ‘net neutrality’ and what is its future after US court ruling? – The Times of India

An interesting article. I had no clue ISPs could allot specific bandwidth for specific websites so some websites function faster. Well what do you think about it? Isn’t bandwidth everyones right to have? All should have it equal no matter what they do. What if I don’t work on YouTube at all and all I do is blog and read which requires minimum possible bandwidth? And what about torrents? How is bandwidth assigned to this? Also do websites themselves have any say in the allotment of bandwidth? What if YouTube asks for higher bandwidths from ISPs and starts paying them for it? Won’t it be the infringement of user rights?

Zee2Etch – Task #11 & #12

Today I commented on 3 different blogs. Blogs of different genres on things I’ve loved –


– There is something really kinky about mermaids.


– I’m a terrible money manager and this is a nice insight to my situation a few years ago.


– Religion and spirituality is a topic I’ve always negatively embraced and I’ve certainly explained it as well.

These are the three posts I’ve commented on as a part of the Zero To Hero Challenge Task #11.

Now to get the task #12 started, I’ll continue my thoughts on the second –

The second post tells us how the author Juliane is waiting for a loan disbursement and how she is anxious about how it’ll be managed.

You know I’m in the same place now. Next month I’ll get some amount of money whose consumption is what I’m worried about. It’s not good enough to do me any good but it’s good enough to turn me into a pedestrian from a limp in my journey to financial freedom.

I’ve been wasted. And I’ve wasted a lot. I can never care about money no matter how hard I try. I mean where would we take it once we are dead? Obviously we need to have savings for emergencies but that is all I’ll save for. Not for my kids or anything else. For everything else there are insurances and people can happily use them.

But credit cards and loans are what started my downfall. Not that I didn’t love the money when I had it. I spent it and I did it lavishly. Got a bike, BOSE Speakers, a laptop and what not. But you know something – I don’t cry for money now for I have the best things for my survival and they are enough to let me live.

Since then I’ve gotten married and now I have a budget to run my home every month. I learnt it in 4 difficult years during which I paid off my credit card debts and loan defaults with the help of my family. Now I keep up an expense sheet – both current and forecasted. This helps me get a grip on things I’m supposed to do in the future and what I’m not. What hurt my budget and what can be accommodated.

Other than this, I don’t have enough financially bended mind to understand money and I don’t want it too. It’s just too much work and I have enough of it in my office to take care of.

Here’s my forecasted budget for every month, the way I do it –

Rent 14200
Store 11000
Maid 2500
Electricity 600
Mobile 1500
TV 600
Internet 1685
EMI 5000
Petrol 1000
Shrek 2500

Other people have any other ideas, please do share. Just keep them simple.