Supersonic skydive set for Tuesday


Supersonic skydive set for Tuesday.

Wow! This one will definitely test the human limits of tolerance. God bless him and his superhuman effort!

Book Mountain: MVRDV Designs Glass Pyramid Library

Book Mountain: MVRDV Designs Glass Pyramid Library | WebUrbanist.

Amazing architecture but I have a question – how the hell do you get books from those heights?

Mooning over the night sky’s marvels


Mooning over the night sky’s marvels – PhotoBlog.

Stunning isn’t a word enough for this image. This is what technology brings us – a knowledge and know-how of what is and what can be!

Quantum weirdness gone wild!


Quantum weirdness gone wild! – Cosmic Log.

What a find! I mean no frauds will simply erase the fear of payments and transactions going bad or erroneous. A technology worth waiting and putting to use!

Electric cars ‘pose environmental threat’

BBC News – Electric cars ‘pose environmental threat’.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the technology of the future? Fuel efficient, lowest cost of running and bla bla bla!!! And then this comes in!!!

Australia unveils powerful radio telescope

BBC News – Australia unveils powerful radio telescope.

Eagerly waiting for the pictures from this giant. This will be special and absolutely kicking.

Facebook ‘likes’ automatically added without user-clicks


BBC News – Facebook ‘likes’ automatically added without user-clicks.

This ought to be an eye opener for a lot of novices “like” me. My question is – why not show these extra “likes” to the end users as well? Why hide ’em?

Microsoft building its own smartphone


Microsoft building its own smartphone: Reports – The Times of India.

And why shouldn’t they? They have the technology and the resources to make the best smartphone ever. Where they lack is in understanding that the market doesn’t wait for late comers.

‘Indian companies yet to fully understand IT outsourcing’ – The Times of India


‘Indian companies yet to fully understand IT outsourcing’ – The Times of India.

A nice read to understand why don’t Indian IT companies don’t outsource their own IT requirements.

Why Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day


Why Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day | NDTV Gadgets.

Donno why but I just love this guy. The sheer ingenuity with which he started Facebook and the work forward shows that he is the original one. Facebook turned corners for everyone on this planet and hence, hats off to him!

Apple CEO apologises for new maps, points to third-party alternatives

Apple CEO apologises for new maps, points to third-party alternatives | NDTV Gadgets.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has apologized for the new maps. I say, it’s high time when CEO’s need to jump up and down to provide people with answers. Leave the talking job to lawyers. If you are to provide a good product, make sure you provide one. Else work your ass out and make the product work in the best possible way. I have never actually liked the closed devices that Apple makes and when these type of glitches show up, they just let your reputation down big time and when you are to start recommending the product that you initially discarded, that’s when you know that you are going downhill.

World’s Smallest House? 1 Sq M of Mobile Living Space

World’s Smallest House? 1 Sq M of Mobile Living Space | WebUrbanist.

Will you want to live here? I guess not… And aren’t houses supposed to mean that we make it a home as well. I mean, a place for wife, a kid and where will you have sex??? There… I said it!!!

New Apple maps app under fire from users

BBC News – New Apple maps app under fire from users.

Now this one really has satiated by soul. My ever so foul soul for all Apple products. I mean they don’t do a shit and sell 2 million phones those too, pre-booked. But this is what I meant in my last post. The upgrade to any new OS comes with it’s pro’s and con’s and softwares that normally mandate themselves across an OS platform are normally badly skewed and then you are forced to live your life waiting for an update to the bad buggy software. Anyways, upgrading to a software that can show a museum in a river is worse than hanging on to the previous OS itself.

Things To Know Before Updating To iOS 6

Things To Know Before Updating To iOS 6 – Please make a note about it. You don’t want to lose whatever good you have right now just to switch your OS

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Apple shares close above $700 –

Apple shares close above $700 –

Is Apple buying it’s own phones? How can a thing as silly as iPhone 5 sell like this? Is this what a normal consumer stooped down to? A tag line that says ‘The best iPhone yet’? It has nothing. The same old story behind it but a new tag line. Kill it people. It is not worth buying even when I own a pretty simple Sony Ericsson.