Zee2Etch201 #4 #5 #6

Here are the tasks for days 4, 5, and 6 –

#4 – Read All Over – make sure your site is mobile-friendly, and familiarize yourself with the features of responsive design.

#5 – What They Want – conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days.

#6 – Drive Traffic To Your Archives – integrate features to draw traffic to your older content, including widgets, related posts, and a “Best of” page.

Man, I never thought I’ll combine 3 different posts into one, but it seems fair to do it, for they can all be answered in one short line –

I’ve already done all these to my blog.



Zee2Etch201#3 – Get The Look

I’m very satisfied with how this blog looks because a lot of time, patience and multiple trials have resulted into making it look neater and brighter, with a lot of links that don’t look cluttered. So, no effort is required to change the look here.

Zee2Etch201#2 – Branding

“VIEWS SPLASH” – A Play Ground!

Like all things that take time coming into a shape and size comfortable for them, “VIEWS SPLASH” is doing the same. I’m writing under this name since 18 months now and here are a few things I’ve come to realize about this name –

1. It stands for freedom – of speech, of will, of thoughts, of words.

2. It stands for rebellion – against crimes, against corrupt politicians, against atrocities untold.

3. It stands against judgement – it doesn’t look at what you’ve achieved. It looks at what you want to do and the path chosen.

4. It’s free flow of information (when needed).

What I’ve not answered though is the pivotal question – “Is this a personal blog”? I like to think it isn’t. It’s a place where I practice writing creatively. It’s a place that has seeds sown to raise the tree of my dreams – a tree of words. And in doing so, I write mostly about my life because special topics need special words. It’s all about diction. Proper diction can give special meaning to pieces that will otherwise remain meaningless.

Zero to Hero 201 Challenge – Task #2 – Branding

Zee2Etch201 – Set Blogging Goals

For those of you, who are new to knowing me, I did all my Zero to Hero challenges earlier by renaming them to Zee2Etch challenges.

I’m lagging in April’s Zero to Hero Challenge by 5 days. Task for day 1 asks me to list a few goals for this blog and how I’d want to go about it in future.

Ummm… giving it a serious thought, I can come up with a few goals that I can genuinely work towards. Meeting those goals is only secondary but the attempts will be genuine. Here they are –

1. Reach 2000 followers by December.

2. Try to make inroads into other social networks as well.

3. Make at least 2 weekly features regularly.

4. Expand my genre of writing. Try to enter fiction and nonfiction equally.

5. Try to have at least 100 regular readers by December.

Lets see how it goes! Shower your blessings people for I’ll need them all! 😀

Zee2Etch – Task #21

Zee2Etch Task #21 has me contemplating on what I posted in Zee2Etch Task #19.

Well here’s one take on that post –


Power 2

Zee2Etch – Task #16

Yesterday, something happened which took me by surprise. Dad and I discussed the difference between Attitude and Nature.

It all started when I asked him what is my reputation? He got confused and at first cracked all possible jokes thinking I was joking myself. But I had to shake him up and tell him to get serious as this is about a blog I have to write for a task I have signed for. He then told me a few things about me that caught my ears and here they are –

I am someone who gets influenced by my surroundings. The more I come in touch with my surrounding, the more I run away from it so no one can question my lifestyle or methods. He said I told me that I’m a thorough professional although he couldn’t, for his mediocre vocabulary, put it into a word and this was what caused a lot of commotion between the two of us. All he wanted to say was, I am different from others because of my “Professional Attitude”. Now first I took his words to actually mean “Professionalism”. But apparently, that wasn’t what it was. He wanted to tell me, that I have a nature to stay correct all the time and to do that, I may sometimes falsify some people for which I may never give any explanation. I run away from such situations and the poor chap is left scratching his head to think the wrong he has committed.

Okay. So this must be my reputation among others as well. I went around asking a lot of people about this and told my dad about it, for which he had a very simple answer – “You know, it’s only you who can gauge your reputation and no one else. Not even us. We are your parents. For us, you are the most beautiful thing that happened to us and we will never put you in a wrong place and will never mean to hurt you. But this world isn’t us. They’ll lie to you, so they may gain points with you and earn your hard-to-gain trust. So there’s no point asking others about it. Ask yourself. For example, when you enter a meeting or a social gathering, you will automatically know if you are liked or not, respected or not. That’s your reputation”.

I couldn’t have agreed more. No one will ever tell me my exact reputation. So I’ll write for this task on the basis of what my dad told me about me.

Let me explain his statements while analysing them too. He isn’t very good with what he says but spend time with him and you’ll know what he meant 2 hours ago. I’ve had an entire day to myself and when he said that I get influenced by my surroundings, he meant that I like to carry a lot of perspectives while making decisions. I like to consider all the opinions and keep my options open before coming to a conclusion. Regarding my correctness, my answer is I have forever rising inner urge to stay equal and fair to all. No one is high and no one is low. All things belong together and it’s that harmony that makes this world livable.

He said a sentence twice – that I run away from situations. Well that has just one answer, I am the rarest possible introverts possible and as my brother would testify – I told him a few days ago that I’d like to buy a recorder so I may record all my thoughts and turn them into posts on my blog. All he said was – you are the biggest introvert I have ever seen.

Just for the record, my fathers testimony is enough!

Zee2Etch – Task #13

Task #13 of the Zero To Hero Challenge required me to build a better blogroll.

So, what is a blogroll? A blogroll is a list of links to blogs that the blogger (me) likes.

It was a term I had come across a year ago when I started my journey into the Blogging World. And I chose to completely ignore it. I did that only for one reason – I am not here to make myself famous. I’m here to share what I think, to know what others think about the articles, topics or thoughts I share. This is my playground and I decide the game I play and the rules of it. If I have to be famous, I’d rather be famous for what I do than the means I put into it. I don’t see myself reaping any materialistic benefits from my blog. A reason that still remains and hence, blogroll full of commercial articles (to gain traffic and all) isn’t meant for my blog.

Therefore, I’m sharing thoughts on my blogroll – thoughts shared by fellow bloggers/thinkers/therapists that relate to thoughts I’d have someday written about. Following are the three thoughts I’ve preferred to share and add to my blogroll after a lot of searching –

1. http://theselfcompassionproject.com/2014/01/19/whats-your-self-care-style/

– This post has “Love Yourself” written all over it. This is incidentally what my wife is teaching me too.

2. http://themanifeststation.net/2014/01/19/vlog-do-you-compare-yourself-to-others-you-see-on-facebook-instagram-etc/

– This post has a line – “But don’t compare. And don’t assume”. This is a thought I believe in. When we compare ourselves to others, I sincerely believe that we are losing ourselves to them and their life. Read the post and you’ll know what I’m saying.

3. http://toddlohenry.com/2014/01/20/if-it-is-important-to-you-you-will-find-a-way/

– This is a thought I follow and is meant for all you lazy bums out there. Get your asses off your beds and do something meaningful else all meaning may get lost.

I’ll keep adding links to my blogroll from now on but only with thoughts. Nothing commercial and nothing sellable. Pure, good thinking which may serve some good to us.


Yours Truly.

Zee2Etch – Task #11 & #12

Today I commented on 3 different blogs. Blogs of different genres on things I’ve loved –

1. http://picload.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/underwater-swimming-through-bubbles.jpg

– There is something really kinky about mermaids.

2. http://journeythrul.com/2014/01/16/money-management-rehab-living-in-dc/

– I’m a terrible money manager and this is a nice insight to my situation a few years ago.

3. http://sueghosh.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/figuring-out-spirituality-religion-or-people/

– Religion and spirituality is a topic I’ve always negatively embraced and I’ve certainly explained it as well.

These are the three posts I’ve commented on as a part of the Zero To Hero Challenge Task #11.

Now to get the task #12 started, I’ll continue my thoughts on the second –

The second post tells us how the author Juliane is waiting for a loan disbursement and how she is anxious about how it’ll be managed.

You know I’m in the same place now. Next month I’ll get some amount of money whose consumption is what I’m worried about. It’s not good enough to do me any good but it’s good enough to turn me into a pedestrian from a limp in my journey to financial freedom.

I’ve been wasted. And I’ve wasted a lot. I can never care about money no matter how hard I try. I mean where would we take it once we are dead? Obviously we need to have savings for emergencies but that is all I’ll save for. Not for my kids or anything else. For everything else there are insurances and people can happily use them.

But credit cards and loans are what started my downfall. Not that I didn’t love the money when I had it. I spent it and I did it lavishly. Got a bike, BOSE Speakers, a laptop and what not. But you know something – I don’t cry for money now for I have the best things for my survival and they are enough to let me live.

Since then I’ve gotten married and now I have a budget to run my home every month. I learnt it in 4 difficult years during which I paid off my credit card debts and loan defaults with the help of my family. Now I keep up an expense sheet – both current and forecasted. This helps me get a grip on things I’m supposed to do in the future and what I’m not. What hurt my budget and what can be accommodated.

Other than this, I don’t have enough financially bended mind to understand money and I don’t want it too. It’s just too much work and I have enough of it in my office to take care of.

Here’s my forecasted budget for every month, the way I do it –

Rent 14200
Store 11000
Maid 2500
Electricity 600
Mobile 1500
TV 600
Internet 1685
EMI 5000
Petrol 1000
Shrek 2500

Other people have any other ideas, please do share. Just keep them simple.

Zee2Etch Challenge – Task #9

Task #9 for the Zero To Hero challenge had me follow 5 other blogs.

So, thought about it and the only topic other than what I blog about sprang to my mind – SCIENCE.

So I took to the WordPress Reader and selected “Science” for my topic of search. Following are the blogs that attracted my attention –

1. http://zedie.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/scientists-accidentally-record-ball-lightning-in-nature-for-first-time/

I always wondered what those mushroom-ish ball of clouds were in movies – This is the answer!

2. http://sensuouscurmudgeon.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/do-religious-brains-function-differently/

I hate religion so I read everything about it!

3. http://priorprobability.com/2014/01/18/what-common-law-rule-or-general-legal-principle-would-you-retire/

I’ve often asked myself this question without actually realizing it!

4. http://criticalhypocrisy.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/some-thoughts-on-gender/

This one deals with an idea that has always baffled me!

5. http://jhone2english.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/self-storage-facility-infographic-9/

This one deals with my area of speciality!

And so these were eventually the blogs I followed today hence accomplishing my goal.

No Zee2Etch???

Le Me – Should I stop Zee2Etch?

Le Conscience – Eh, what?

Le Me – I said I think I’m gonna have to stop Zee2Etch, why the hell can’t you hear me?

Le Conscience – (With a finger in its ear) But why? Why this sudden surge to nada productivity?

Le Me – It’s nothing but a few days break. I’m so tired these days and I don’t get time for those tasks (Hands open like a loser).

Le Conscience – Have you ever read them? They are so easy and take no time at all. You’re just a lazy ass.

Le Me – Really, open the WordPress reader, find some interesting content and then comment on it. What if I find nothing to comment on? I can hardly remember what I said 10 seconds ago. How will I keep up a train of thought and go on to write a post on something I commented on and then present my own views on it? You see, how long it is gonna take?

Le Conscience – Yeah Right! It’s how you say it that makes it look like it’s gonna take a while. Get on it, bozo!

Le Me – Really? (fidgeting) Lets try it then, but first A Blog A Day! (smiles)


I got awarded today… yayyyyy!! What a feeling! It’s been a long time that someone awarded me and I’m thrilled to my core. So as you may know, what we do next after we read the comment that links to the award.

We click on it and so did I. I open this wonderful blog by Kathy Clem about her poetry. She has another Beautiful Blog that has her artwork. I really loved the red flower.

Now when I started reading the post that linked to my blog, I see that The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers who have less than 200 followers… OOOPs!!

I don’t meet this requirement and although I would love to share this award with many others who’d have received it but I’m an incorrect candidate. I know it’s a huge mistake which I just noticed, that ever since, I have changed my theme, the widget that showed the number of followers I have has vanished! And I totally take it that you may have reached my blog by a Zero To Hero link, which I completely appreciate and I say a million thanks to you for visiting my blog!

But I’m doing the Zero To Hero Challenge, not because I’m very new here but because I want to make it a habit to post regularly and even daily and that this challenge will make for my target board. 😀

The Tickle Moment

You know how a chill runs down your spine, not from fear but from the sudden excitement of the new? A waft of warm air in the winter chill, or a drop of cold water right behind your ear lobe, the last extra bell right at the end of a metal song, a finger in your hair, the sight of an ocean or mountain. You didn’t ask for it yet you got it. The pleasure of these sudden sensations just wakes us up. Sometimes it’s good enough to change your perception about a subject you were thinking about right then. A fresh view, a new take.

I love darkness. I love going deaf once in a while. The winter chill on the pore of my fingers, that mild glowing pain, the rising bass in “The Suicidal Dream” by Silverchair. It just takes me to a new world. It gives me shivers. It gives me a new perception. You may say where is the excitement? The excitement lies in enjoying it while it lasts. Sensations can’t last forever. Lets call them “The Tickle Moments”.

Zee2Etch Task #8 – Make Your About Page Irresistible

Frankly I think I’ve screwed it up badly already and so many dear writers have yet liked it so I’ll leave my About Me page as it is to change later. I think what people liked there was the intent and I shall be eternally grateful to you finding something good about my About Me page. Thank You!!

So what must an About Me page have? Ummmm… something about me, right??? Well WordPress has me doing a task to make my about me page irresistible and therefore I will tell a story.

It’s another story narrated to me by the same friend who narrated the one yesterday.

There was once a tiger who had a kid tiger. The greater tiger loved the kid and was a great teacher. The kid was too small to understand all what he taught, so small that once, he got lost in a flock of sheep. He went away with them and started living his life the way every sheep does, eating what every sheep eats and the charade. He grew up and he grew up fast continuing to believe that he was a sheep too.

Then one day, when father was out hunting for food he saw this flock of sheep and attacked but stopped when he recognized his son. He approached his son but his son was too scared of this tiger and ran for his life and hid by a river. His father followed him steadily and asked him to attack the flock so they can feed the family but the kid tiger wont come out of the bushes. Father then decided to push the tiger and showed him his reflection in the water. He matched himself with his father and then realized he was a tiger too and he never knew because no one was around him to ever tell him too.


You never know what you are until a teacher tells you. Why a teacher? A teacher has no interest in your fortunes. The only interest he has is to make you aware of everything around you and yourself. He seeks nothing from you and hence is the best gift that a student can have.

Most of our lives, we strive to find the perfect teacher who can show us exactly what we are and to make us understand the truth about the world around us.

My take on this line is, a teacher is the quickest way to learn for someone who has no time or not enough brain to reflect upon himself. When we were children, the basic frivolities of the world needed to be taught to us – the maths, the physics, the chemistry, the biology behind it for we couldn’t have understood those ourselves. A teacher hence, hastens things up so we are capable enough to fight a cruel world. But as adults, when we don’t have teachers anymore and life is our best teacher, when people around you look up to you, that is when you look within yourself and ask – are you showing them the right way?

I am in transition. From having got it all from teachers to bewilderment of the world. I am yet to find my best teacher – someone who can show me my reflection in a mirror called life. I am almost always confused and hence I am brutally honest most of the times. People hate me and I hate them. I bore them, they bore me. I am starting to believe that this is what my relationship with the world (as it stands) will remain. I can be very quiet outside and yet most of the times, I am violently unstable inside. There is a war of contradictions raging inside me. I want to take all the sides of life for everything and everyone seems to be right and just when I think I can start trusting them, they shatter whatever it is that is left of confidence. I actually am a firm believer of a thought – “Everyone has their own battles to fight out and we must respect theirs to win ours”!

There you have it – I told y’all something about myself, something I haven’t already told before on this media!

Zee2Etch Task #6 – Publish a post with a new element

This is a folk rock song from an up and coming artist Abhinav Bansal. 

An amazingly creative music director. You may listen to a lot more of his songs on his profile at SoundCloud. He has an amazing voice too.

The song above relates a very rare thing that becomes part of our life in times of celebrations erasing darkness – Fire Crackers.

This song in a gist suggests, what kind of world we live in, where we gather happiness from burning fire crackers, causing commotion, smoke, only to please Goddess Laxmi. The crackers won’t kill the Ravanas and culprits of the society because they live inside us together with love, the love that we should emanate which will burn all the evil.

This is task #6 for the zero to hero challenge but I really wanted to share this artist since long. Damn my memory!

I have actually posted SoundCloud element on my blog before but this was the best I could get to share with y’all today!

Zee2Etch Task #4 – Explore the Neighbourhood

Task #4 for the Zero to Hero challenge is to explore 5 blogs that would attract my imagination today.

I’ve had a tiring day, took a lot of shit and yet came out unscathed – I feel proud that in amidst all that, I could actually post a nice little observation of my office today. The thought about online shopping bugged me so much that I just got it all out in an hour. I guess, pretty well done considering how much time I took to post some of my other posts!

Anyways, the easiest thing about WordPress is how so many excellent bloggers exist to illuminate your path and creativity. Few of those who lit up my dying bulb today are as follows –

1. This Page Intentionally Left Blank – This guy Liam has a great sense of twitchy humor! You should totally visit him.

2. A walk with my camera – I just love the style of photography featured on this site.

3. Literature & Libation – I’m always all in for literature and anything to read and to break it up, I’m on libation now… 😉

4. Journey Thru L – Just read the about me page on Julianes Blog. It’s enough to get you inspired!

5. Patriciaddrury – Happy, Healthy and In Love is what I wanna be!

Great Job Guys! You are on my reading list for sure! 😀

Zee2Etch Task #3 – What’s On My Mind

Task #3 for the Zero to Hero challenge needs me to tell you what was on my mind when I started this blog, the exact thing that made me mark “VIEWSPLASH”.

I remember I was free. I wanted to do something and I decided to write. Now what do I write? As I said, I wanted to talk and discuss. Tell people something new and a new perspective about it. So this channel was to be a sharing platform and it did happen for the first couple of days but the intention melted when my career required a lot of my time and attention.The first few days gave me a huge high with a lot of likes and views but I didn’t know what I was getting into and how much time would it need to keep it up.

But my readers still splashed their views and it continued and the blog kept evolving to what it has become today. From sharing silly pet pictures to mature content to foul language, this blog has seen it all and it will keep up its reputation and yes it is a sharers and discussionists platform.

Talk, talk, talk!