Save Me – Miracle Cops

Maya had spoken but cops waited for a better contestable version. Her words weren’t enough for them to form a convincing story and so they waited while the doctors ascertained that Maya wasn’t raped. With her body reduced to a pulp, doctors had a hard time finding internal wounds and only machines using x-rays and ultrasounds could make any progress.

Amit meanwhile could only wait outside the door. The sparkling radiance on her face and the persistent saintly smile were awe-striking. He wondered why could she not just stand up and walk home. She still looked fresh except for the wounds on her swollen lips and a right blue eye. As tired as he was, he kept recalling the vision of Maya leaving the house that morning with him with his eyes closed abreast the broken turnstile. And once in a while he’d hear a crackling laugh, those innocent eyes, those soft hands, the feather-light touches and how she would always look so sexy.

A dream sequence that crashed with a tap on his right shoulder. He turned around to find Kumar, S.H.O. of Police of the area with a diary and a cellphone. “This ain’t gonna be good” – he snuffed.

“Is Maya your wife?” – Kumar asked. Amit nodded his confirmation.

“When did you last see her before hospital?” – Kumar kept noting the conversation occasionally looking up.

“What has that got to do with this situation?” – Amit bumped his volume.

“Doctors here are quite sure that this isn’t a rape case. If it’s molestation, even you are a suspect. Now answer my questions clearly.” – Kumar blew on Amits amped voice.

“We left home together and I dropped her at her office.” – Amit controlled himself.

“Was there any fight? Hows your married life?” – Kumar continued jotting his observations furiously.

“We’re very happy. No fights!” – Amit asserted.

“Do you have kids? – Kumar continued.

“Yes – two boys – Rahul and Sunny.” – Amit continued.

“Did you notice anything odd with her behavior recently?” – Kumar was unnerved.

“Like?” – Amit was curious now.

“Her sleeping pattern, her phone calls, her behavior with the children?” – Kumar was getting into the zone.

“Nothing. She is a lovely wife and an excellent mother.” – Amit wanted to get over with this fast. He wasn’t liking the line of questions.

“Do you have her phone? I would like to see her text messages and see whom had she been calling.” – Kumar got the police work going.

“I have it but why are you doubting her so much? She is the victim here!” – Amit wasn’t gonna let Kumar put Mayas reputation at stake.

“I am searching for a motive and the molesters.” – Kumar was now maintaining eye contact.

“What if I say that this was random and I don’t want this inquiry?” – Amit was stern.

“Nothing is random. There has to be a motive. Regarding the inquiry, it’s not for you to decide. An FIR has to be lodged and she will need to be transferred to a bigger hospital where tests will be done.” – Kumar calmly explained the ways.

Amit was having none of it though – “She hasn’t been raped and I don’t want to press any charges for molestation. I know it was random and you will find no motive.”

“Tell me something. Are you or aren’t you involved in this? You definitely sound like you are.” – Kumar got his flair talking.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I LOVE MY WIFE!” – Water had just risen past Amits head.

“Then why do you want to abandon this inquiry? We assure you that you or your familys reputation will suffer no harm. No names are used but we want to bring the culprits to justice and I think so should you! During the procedure, you may have to only pop into the police station twice or thrice and I assure you, you won’t be bothered.” – Kumar was perplexed.

“She wants to lead a peaceful life and we don’t want any disturbance. This is very disturbing already and only God knows what she has been through tonight. The cops in the hospital have already started prepping stories about her. If you want to control something, control their tongues. Whatever has happened tonight, she’ll want to forget it as soon as possible and you and your inquiry won’t let her forget it. I will not see my wife disturbed ever again and I take full responsibility for my decisions. My decision is – I don’t want an inquiry and so doesn’t she, so leave us alone.” – Amit had taken his stand and withered away from the conversation wanting an end to it.

Kumar understood this and said – “I’ll still need Mayas statement to make a report and am outside in my car. Let me know if you want to tell me something. And please give me her cellphone so I can get an unofficial inquiry done while I’m here.”

Amit didn’t realize the only mistake he was about to make and handed him the phone. Kumar trudged off.

Talking to Kumar had planted some doubts in Amits mind particularly about Kumar and his intentions but he’ll wait for Maya to narrate the story. He knew he couldn’t take chances. He was again looking into the room where Maya was housed. All he wanted was to somehow hug her tight and let her know he’ll be there for her forever and nothing could change his love for her.

He looked outside the window where Kumar was working furiously on Mayas phone with his right hand and was talking on his own with his left. He wondered what was Kumar up to. And where the hell is Gaurav?


Save Me – Hospital

The scenes were frantic at the hospital. Some scared doctors and nurses kept running around, knowing full well the patient was still deep in danger of running aground. Some pale faces had seen her condition and couldn’t believe the body lying in front of them could still breathe.

Nothing, not even the experienced doctors, said that she would survive. The red and blue marks on her still glistening skin told a very sad story. But Amit knew in his heart knew that she was going to wake up any moment now. He found it hard to fathom what would have went down with Maya but that could be dealt with, later. He didn’t want to leave her alone but still went out to find a silent corner to shed a tear or two. He knew he had to be strong and emotions, if retained will weaken him. He had to shed them, just the way he had done his whole life.

Not to be. The police in Bollywood movies always has a habit of ‘making an entrance’ at the most awkward moments and here they were, in real life, standing right across the reception seeking Maya. Amit rushed in, and carefully pressed his palms on her cheeks, a part which was left unhurt. Her fingers fluttered momentarily, he held her hands still looking deep into her face for any reaction from her eyes. A minute went by before she finally gave her tired and hurting eyes a twitch. She opened them and a smile sparked across her lips.

A cop and a doctor entered the room and the cop in a very daunting voice asked – “Is she Maya?”. Amit nodded in affirmation. He came close to Amit and gave her face a fleeting glance before turning his attention towards the doctor. Amit joined the conversation. He wanted to make sure, no assumptions were made about his wife. He was sure, these were the cases where a females personal characteristics were often questioned and objected on. Her choices, her lifestyle, her relationship with her partner, her household demeanour may be questioned and he didn’t want Maya to be subjected to any such disturbing questionnaire.

It was his turn to take the matters into his own hands and he will stay very strict even if the President of India was to stand in front of him. He will be a stone and nothing else,  with his sympathy and empathy only towards his wife and no one else. He still had to hear what Maya had to say but whatever she would say, will remain absolute.

Cop approached her and asked softly, leaning close to her ears and Amit watching ever more closely – “Ma’am, can you tell me what happened?”. Maya, as furious and hurtful as she would feel, mumbled unclearly in spit of words – “metro… station… 5… men… beat me… van… hospital” and then tears rolled from her eyes.

Amit could make out what she wanted to say but as her throat was hurting from the pulls and shoves at the hands of the beasts, she was unable to clear her and he now knew, she wanted to cry. She was hating the sight of a cop in front of her as she found it embarrassing to bare her misery in front of him. Amit took the lead, crossed the cop and leaned against Maya and said – “Baby, just relax… whatever happens from now on… is your wish…”. She nodded affirmatively and exhaustion pushed her to her next half an hour of sleep.

She woke up again to see not just one but a herd of cops in front of her. In that while, doctors had finally done their work and ascertained that she will survive and no internal injuries could be noted so far. The cops and the doctors though, were still unclear whether to touch her or not.

Right then, a senior cop arrived and asked for Amit. Amit immediately went to him and asked what was it he wanted. The cop asked politely – “We would like to have an inquiry set up for this case and I need certain details from you. Have you talked to your wife yet?” No. “Has she yet indicated what may have happened to her?” He told him what she had said in front of the smaller cop and smaller cop had then nodded in affirmation. He then asked the doctor – “Is she in any danger of losing her life?” The doctor replied with a “No”.

All this while Amit was getting a clear signal in his head, the cop didn’t want to do much. They were apprehensive after what had happened from an earlier incident, a very negative image of them would pop up in the brains of the people – something they didn’t want at all costs.

Save Me – The Prelude

Amit had turned into a steadfast disciplinarian after marriage. He had vowed to never let his pre-marriage sluggishness slow his career and family down. And it rubbed on his family too. They would wake up early, spend time together and move on to the day. Dinners were together and so were the weekends. They loved and admired each other. For his children, he was a role model.

But he woke up early that morning. It was 5:00 and he couldn’t sleep again. He freshened up and came close to Maya who still looked fresh like she was fooling him with her sleep. The autumn sun had begun to make way through the window panes and Amit noticed it was disturbing her. He playfully placed a finger to put a shadow on her eyes. She relaxed. He then removed it slowly. He repeated it and got the same response. The third time, she slowly moved her eyelids and opened her eyes. She loved waking up this way and Amit knew it. They held palms together and he helped her get up to rest against the head of the bed. It was very quiet. The kids would wake up in half an hour and they wanted to spend this precious time together. She got up, prepared tea when she noticed, Amit staring at her from the kitchen door. She felt amazing with this attention and went up to him and hugged him real tight.

Amit needed this and so did she. Somehow Maya always knew what he wanted and the same stood for Amit. They felt love. And yet the uneasiness that had woken him up, didn’t subside. He whispered in her ears while holding her against his chest – “Can you skip work today? Lets watch a movie together at home”. He sounded so excited that Maya almost gave up the thought of office but the reports struck her head immediately and she said – “Baby, you’ll have all my time from a few months later. Let me finish my office tenure on a high and not flunk on a few bugging reports. Boss gets irked”. Amit almost knew her answer to the letter and yet somehow controlled his anger hormones and answered wryly – “Sure!”.

They broke their hold finally and started their respective days. Woke up their children, bathed them, got ready themselves, pulled the car out of the garage after a heavy breakfast and scurried into the traffic. Amit just couldn’t yet get his gaze off from Maya. She looked stunning and he was jealous of her male colleagues for they got to see her more than he did. The pinches of uneasiness in his heart though, had started to show on his face now.

After dropping her off at her office and children to their schools, Amit after a few miles stopped to text Maya – “Would it be possible for you to come home early today? I just want to see you home in bed today”.

He drove again after a pat on his steering wheel and his phone beeped with her reply – “I’m really sorry sweetheart but no”.

Maya couldn’t help but think of Amits behaviour and wasn’t sure of what exactly was bothering him. He had never pushed her from work till date and it was awkward. He had always been laid back and he knew all this would end soon.

Amit in his office, on rarest of occasions, was seen pacing the floor and some even saw his temper flying. He wanted Maya so bad and couldn’t wait to hold her in her arms again in the evening. He even thought of visiting Maya during the lunch but later rationality struck and he gave up the thought. He worked and waited for the evening – drinks and bed. He had smiled.

Maya on the other hand was having a rough day. A few mistakes hither and thither, were already pushing her behind her schedule. She had thought of calling Amit after lunch but Boss had come calling. She had given up and began waiting for her time with Amit in the evening. She had smiled.

She just didn’t know, Gurgaon had other plans for her tonight.

Save Me – Adam and Eve!

Maya was the pie among the sister-younger brother duo. Nothing could take the pride off from her parents’ eyes for she had turned into a brilliant and free minded child. She was creative, intelligent and foremost independent. They knew she will one day make them proud and they allowed her all the freedom to flower into a fine lady. And Oh! How she did so!!

A boring and clueless engineering course paved way to her dream – Entrepreneurship. Her own business was her idea of making a mark on the world and she surely would leave no stone unturned to leave a few on her path to success. She was right most of the time and this turned her into a cruelly stubborn boss. People who worked for her, had to bear with her attitude, a possession she was very proud of. Her penchant to look far into the future and her sharp business acumen often left her counterparts and business partners mesmerized and bewildered. Her clientele grew steadily and a few years later, she was the envy of the town. She had achieved so much in just 3 years and was yet to turn 23 with a long way to go.

With success and glory illuminating her path, her parents decided to hook her up. She never had time to date men. Good men were hard to find and the closest, a dirty male soul had ever gotten to her was right in the circumference of her slap which was delivered promptly. Ads on the internet garnered a fair a response and after resisting a lot of offers, she finally gave in to her parents and decided to meet Amit.

The world Amit was raised in, gave him a lot less freedom to communicate openly. His parents were strict, expected a lot from him and after a while of sustained pressure, he crumbled in his final year of engineering. For it took an entire year for him to get through the last semester, was his greatest guilt. He had not only let his family down but himself too. He was a bright child but had experienced his childhood a lot differently than his younger and by his own admittance, an even brighter brother. The results never showed his true potential and he didn’t know what career path to take, so he gladly obliged by following what his parents wanted.

A lot of fight and struggle turned him into a toughened young man and he understood the world better. He was practical and appreciated the use of attitude, power and free will. This was where Maya was his right match.

Across the table they sat talking business, future and career. They instantly hit it off and understood they were made for each other. Their eyes never left the others and they dived right into the heart of the matter – life. How they perceived it and had seen it, they were open and crystal clear about their feelings. After 5 hours of wine and food, they knew only 1 thing about each other – Gratification and acceptance of truth were mutual – qualities both cherished. Amit had fallen head over heels for her beauty and with everything else included, he knew she was the first right thing to have happened to him in his life – Thank God for internet – he had mused with a smile.

Dating, engagement and marriage were swift, productive and affectionate. They moved to New Delhi and while they were both aware of the dangers of living in NCR, progress wasn’t negotiable.

4 years into the marriage and things had changed dramatically. While Amit blossomed in his career, marriage turned to be a kryptonite for Mayas career. 3 flop deals and 2 failed pregnancies later, Maya was seeing the ebb of her career. She was disturbed for she hadn’t contributed to her household the way she had always wanted to and for a while too. Amit had forever been there for her but for him – Someone’s got to earn and feed first – and the distance had grown. So she decided to get a job. While it wasn’t as high paying as her business, she could still hold her head high at home and it was satisfying for now while she gathered her resources to get her business started again.

A year and a half into her job, she had turned into a vital cog for her department. Nothing went in or out without her consent and her boss never had to worry about any reports ever again. It was one of these reports that would get her late from her work again. But this night had taken it’s turn for the worst.