Infosys Bus System

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It’s a fact that I’m hugely averse to using public transport in any form and would prefer my bike (that I owned) any day. But when I relocated to Pune i.e. my new workplace in the state of Maharashtra, I decided that I’ll make up for all those days when I didn’t walk enough in Delhi. Fortunately or unfortunately, Indian government makes you pay a lot of money to transfer your vehicle from one state to another and when it comes to moving to Maharashtra, it’s even more painstaking. And so to avoid a lot of headaches in dealing with authorities and bribing them, I conveniently sold my bike away before I shifted to Pune and in keeping to my promise to the environment and my body, haven’t bought another vehicle till date.

When I joined my new company, I found out that they have a flourishing bus service for employees and that it is relatively cheap. So I decided that this will be my preferred mode of commute. I found out that what the company charges for the bus service is nearly the same amount I used to spend for fueling my bike in Delhi and given the fact that I won’t spend on maintaining my bike anymore made the deal all too sweet. I was not comfortable though at first because of an unrelenting belief that anything cheap has to be substandard. And how wrong was I? It’s been 2 years now and I’m glad that I made that decision because not only does my company manage that service excellently well, they also deserve accolades for encouraging employees to use it and I’ve seen tremendous acceptance from the employees for that initiative and it in turn gives them a greater sense of satisfaction.

The move aims to reduce all types of pollution and traffic on the roads, especially in Pune which has mostly 2 lanes on every road, which in itself is a huge pain. The roads are often filled with people driving solo in their Range Rover’s and other ginormous cars which frankly is an appalling behavior. Not only do those morons not think about the environment but they remain aloof to the misery of hundreds and thousands of others who struggle to find inches to even stand beside the roads. These morons don’t think twice before getting off the road to pass people at the front thereby putting so many lives in danger only to save a maximum of 2 minutes per journey. Anyway, I can ramble on and on about them but that’s not what we’re here to do.

Again fortunately or not, the route that our bus follows has me on the last stop for pickup and first stop for the drop. Why fortunate? Because it takes me the least amount of time to reach my office and the same to get back home. Why not-so fortunate? Because as my company has started pushing the employees to use company buses more than their cars, which is better for the environment, the buses to the office come nearly full to capacity at my stop and it sometimes gets tricky to get a seat in them. But that doesn’t ever deter me from using the bus service.

The coverage, in terms of kilometers, in the city is immense. They touch nearly every major area in the city and have multiple buses for the routes on which the number of employees boarding the buses is significantly large. I don’t believe anyone from us bus users has had to hail a cab or an auto-rickshaw because none of the buses had space to accommodate them. For example, my bus stop has buses arriving at every 20-25 minutes from 8 am to 10:30 am, which is awesome considering our area houses a large number of employees because of its vicinity to the company.

What’s another great fact about using these buses is that I get time to either meditate or read books or listen to music or simply browse through the pages for news that may interest me. I like that time a lot. It’s best for the environment and for me too, as I get to walk an extra kilometer everyday apart from what I walk in the office campus.

The bus drivers, while some of them drive in earnest to reach the destinations, are very safe and receive instructions for routes in case heavy traffic or jam is foreseen or noticed in some areas. That way, they can go around the problematic areas without causing a lot of hassle to the employees. The drivers are quite smart too and remember all their routes and the alternate ones in detail. They have been trained to identify company identity cards so that only the employees board the buses and no one else.

One of the most spectacular thing about the entire bus system is the bus-bay where employees board and off-board the buses and that houses the buses during their idle time. The entire roster for the buses is prepared meticulously and barring some strange circumstances, the buses always arrive and leave on time from their parking slots. The buses are neat and tidy barring some for which you can raise complaints and they’re addressed rather quickly.

Not that I wanted to bore you guys with the details but I have learnt that among the barrage of crap news we hear and read everyday, and we’re thick and charging to read bad reviews, it’ll be a welcome change if someone said something good, about something that really does work with clockwork precision. My praise is where its deserved best and the Infosys bus system deserves the best accolades.

Riding the Tides

You know, there are things that we do over and over again for a considerable period of our life and then, someday we stop doing them, for whatever reasons. We never know if they were for good or bad, for they in their time never held any meaning. Then one day we stop doing them. All  they give us are memories, some cherishable and some not so.

The one thing I’m doing ever since I learnt to control handles and balance, is ride. Ride, to and fro, carrying people at my back.

The 2-wheelers that I’ve used are –

1. BSA SLR – Bicycle.


2. Kinetic Luna Super Star – A bicycle with an engine, a clutch and accelerator.


3. Hero Puch Shakti 3G – A mini demon. The smallest geared bikes with the smallest of engines – a mere 65CC.

Hero Puch Shakti 3g

4. You’ve all already met my 4th companion, Bajaj Pulsar 180CC – One of the oldest and proudest giants in the history of Bajaj sporting bikes in India. Without it, I’m lost.

My Ride

During my schooling and engineering, my brother rode as my pillion. They were fun times. Nothing except the rides changed over the years. From bicycle to Luna to Shakti, that part of our life is one the longest case of the association between brothers and their rides. We rode for long hours and I don’t remember him, even once, asking me to let him ride. He was happy and content, at the back, watching the world and giving all sorts of running commentary, describing the surroundings. Watching girls, eateries, escaping seniors, riding in the rain – through love and through fight, those days will forever remain fresh.

There was one instance when while returning from our school, it was raining really hard. I decided to have some fun and starting riding through puddles of rainwater, which soaked all of his shoes from the inside. I kept doing it, when in a fit, he opened his water bottle and emptied it straight into my shoes, and all this 60 kmph. We laughed all the way to our home. One of the happiest memories I have with him.

We’ve had our share of accidents as well, when in all the occasions, he jumped off well before the fate hit us. He is thankfully smart in those situations when I’m not. Twice in those accidents, I hair-cracked my left shoulder. But they never deterred me

Then my ride changed to Pulsar and the speed at which I normally rode changed. I remember once, when he was in Bangalore, spending time on bench in his company, I used to drop him to his office. We used to take the ‘Nice’ road. It was one clean and zero traffic road, 16 kms in length. We reached 120 kmph one day. He simply closed his eyes and felt the speed while I just enjoyed the fastest that I had ever ridden, things passing by me in time smaller than the blink of an eye. I miss those moments.

Then came my wife, and so changed my speed. All she ever has said about my riding is – “You are the only one with whom I don’t try to balance the bike”. I clearly am her favorite!

Riding is also the time, I think about my life the most. I contemplate all serious issues, when I’m seated on my bike. I have my commentary running for all that while. “Government must ban all women and old drivers”, “Why the fuck does everyone change their lines at the last moments”, “What happened to them indicators” yada yada.

And then there’s my favorite song by Joe Satriani – “Ride” – that defines some philosophies of my life –

This clearly is my favorite daily ritual!

Alone I’m Lost

Definition of a Pulsar –

a degenerate neutron star; small and extremely dense; rotates very fast and emits regular pulses of polarized radiation

You know how most of us need a certain accessory to make us look that tad bit good. That bit that adds that spark which defines your spirit and your style. An unrelenting force, that keeps coming to you to give you more. It belongs to you. And that’s what eventually outshines the rest of the ‘dull’ you!

Well, standing alone I’d look like a bum and this is certainly not the first time I’m confessing to this fact on my blog! Shabby clothing and dirty shoes often define my appearance. I don’t care for my looks and it quite literally shows. Deep inside I think I am a stud when I’m more visibly, an elephant with a punctured ass.

It’s when I’m not walking though, that I’m seated on a beast. A beast that deserves the credit for carrying high hopes, dreams, responsibilities, weight of a man that nearly matches it’s own, and it does it EVERYDAY. Yes, that’s MY PULSAR.


Now how does my Pulsar justify the actual definition –


Hell yeah! Just like me… gives me ideas as crazy as I am… goes as fast as it can and slow when it wants… just lets me handle it like the stallion ‘Spirit’ from the animated movie (nothing degenerate about the movie though)!

Small and extremely dense

It’s pretty small compared to other larger monsters in the market all while it eagerly dishes the same pace as most will on any given day!

Rotates very fast and emits regular pulses of polarized radiation

Told you its way damn fast for most to handle. Regarding the radiation part, I tend to compare it with the jealousy it instills in a thousand hearts every day – “Awhh hows that elephant riding so fast?” “What. Is. That. Mean. Machine!” “Hey mechanic, can I have the sound of my bike changed to how this one sounds (pointing to mine)”!

It has the same sense of direction as I do. It has love. It makes a bit of noise but only to disturb the inattentive. It honks angrily and loud like no other, just like I do when I’m angry! It’s sexy. It looks just one way and that’s forward. Without it, I’m lost!

And here’s to the shittiest part of the new and improved Daily Post, the best one that the brilliant techie minds of Daily Post on WordPress have thrown at us, THE PINGBACKS (GRID VERSION)that are in no way the pingbacks of the old –

P.S. – This is the (pardon me for I’m going to use the word again) shittiest and the ugliest (if shits weren’t that ugly for someone) part of the new and improved Daily Post. I want to ask everyone to please plead to Daily Post people to bring back the list of pingbacks links that were so easy to copy and paste than having to copy and paste each and every link from that GRID list that they’re apparently very proud of. I’ve left 2 comments in their comments section that they haven’t bothered to let past moderation, when they are nothing but a bit hard requests to bring back the pingback lists and keep the grid as well. I’m writing this as this is very de-motivating for some reasons that I’d rather not talk about.

Something’s Burning

It won’t be long before you know what burned today!

I woke up dazed today. Had no control of my senses or my abilities. Forcing myself off the bed, the only thing I remember doing was curse my office. Anyways I woke up, got ready with a new ironed shirt and all (don’t know who do I keep trying to impress, when the beauty stock in my office stands at zilch), fed the dog and zoomed on my bike to my office. There was no traffic and I reached my office in 15 minutes flat i.e. 1 km every minute. This didn’t ring a bell inside my brain-dead head.

Parking was empty and I thought “What a great Tuesday! I’m here before my boss!”. Yeah, you moron, ofcourse you are! The lift too zoomed without a stop to the top floor of the building. The lights were off. I saw no one. The clock had finally started ticking inside and the brain just started to wake up when I opened my mouth and asked the security guard – “Is it a holiday today?”.

The moment he started to smile, I knew I had missed an email yesterday. He simply replied – “Sir, don’t you know it? Mail was sent twice yesterday”. Not only was he smiling but I probably even saw him asking me – “Sir, is something burning?”.

You can now probably guess, what was burning then! Not only did I wake up early on a holiday, I’ll be the protagonist in most of the jokes in office tomorrow! I still have the morning headache which only gets worse when I think about how lost I’ve been lately!


Test By Fire

Sometimes your faith in this world is validated for absolutely all possible heights. I found both the abyss and the summit all in an hour and a half.

My bike has a nasty habit of getting flat tyres at the worst moments and nothing is worse than getting it on the ride to the office. I normally travel late to office and then stay late ‘coz I can’t wake up early. It just simply isn’t my cup of tea.

This time though, on a bright and really hot sunny day, my bike had a huge surprise in store for me. I was riding comfortably when suddenly, it chuckled and came to a stop. My fuel meter had malfunctioned since a few days but I knew I had a measure of the fuel I had in my bike. I dragged the bike to the side of the road, shook it up and tried to start it again but it just won’t start. So now I wanted a mechanic who could look into my bike. My bike had broken down for the fourth time that month and I was scared of the disappointed voice from my boss when I would tell him about this one. Honestly I think my boss doesn’t think very good things about me but that for later. I called him, told him the circumstances and the area I was stranded in but instead of sounding disappointed, he helped me by telling me that I was wrong in thinking that there are no markets in the area. First help that day. Was the world really alive to my plight?

After asking for some directions, I found that I could either go ahead another 1.5 kms where help wasn’t so sure or go back around 3 kms to a confirmed mechanic at a showroom. The typical Indian that I am, I decided to save the 1.5 kms of my journey to get to the market to seek the unconfirmed ‘help’.

I started dragging my bike looking for that market and asking people for directions. The damn way even had a bridge after an incline and right before the incline, I asked another old man if he knew that there was any mechanic shop open nearby and there came a pat reply – “Abey khud dhoond le na, mar nahi jaayega! (Find it by yourself, you hag! You won’t die if you look for it yourself!)”. He had looked grumpy but I had no clue he actually will be. This was the abyss I was talking about. I was so tired, I could only show him the finger in disgust which I knew he would know nothing about.

Carrying on, within a few hundred meters, I reached the shop right when it was about to open. I reached the mechanic and asked if could help and he said – “Sure”. I breathed a sigh of relief while I was recovering with deep breaths, he checked my bike and told me that I had run out of fuel. “What the hell!!!” I knew I should have had a lot of fuel in the bike but it probably had been stolen in the theater parking the night before. He also told me that I couldn’t have known about this as my reserve knob was broken too. “So someone did break into my bike… DAMN!!”. I asked him if he could arrange for fuel and he said he has asked for help from a nearby shop already. But neither could he arrange for the fuel nor a new reserve knob. Had he repaired my bike I’d have taken him to a nearby working ATM to pay him, but I had Rs. 10 in my wallet with none of the ATMs working around with the bike still not working. Somehow I convinced the guy that I will pay him later for his work which I promptly did.

So the issue now was to go back another 3 kms for a petrol pump. But with no other way available, I started dragging my bike again down the same way I’d taken to get to the mechanic. I saw the grumpy old man again and there was my finger out again and again he didn’t know what I was doing. I smirked and kept walking. I crossed the highway and somehow safely reached the other side of one of the busiest roads in New Delhi and kept moving towards the pump.

And then a miracle happened. From all the rough I have received from this world, what happened next was so soothing to my heart, it did mend a few of my wounds. An autorickshaw driver came from behind me and honked. He asked me – “Kya hua bhai saab (what happened brother?)?”. I replied that I’m out of fuel and am going towards the pump. He never asked to help me. He just asked me to get on my bike. He started his auto, plonked a foot out to the left of his auto and started pushing my bike with that foot.

I must tell you – THEY WERE THE MOST SILENT AND BLISSFUL MINUTES OF MY LIFE! My rapidly beating heart was so filled with his generosity, I just didn’t cry of happiness. This was the absolute pinnacle of human generosity. I got to believe that things like these really do exist in the real world and not just in movies or books.

And if all of this wasn’t enough for my day, after I got to the pump and got the tank filled to my satisfaction, I had gone another 9 kms to my office when not just rain but a hail storm struck!!! WTF!!! Not only was I soaked in my sweat from my ordeal that had ended 15 minutes ago but now I’m being washed off by rain and hail storm with no f***ing shelter in sight. This day really was the “TEST BY FIRE” of my patience. I called my boss again and this time, he surely sounded disappointed as it was 11:45 am already. I knew this was coming. But everything was fine when I reached office half an hour later when they too had seen the hail storm for themselves from their windows and I could tell my story with gusto!

This was truly a FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED post!

Solitary Positive

The only solitary positive to have come out of today so far is that my bike got repaired from the permanent damage in the carburetor. The mechanic caught it and asked me to replace it. I said I don’t have enough to buy a new one. So he changed the pump inside it which was way cheaper and my bike now touches 100 kmph at will!

Otherwise, it has been a sad dramatic day so far starting with an anxiety attack on my wife which resulted in her hospitalization at 4 o clock in the morning. She got discharged at 8:30 am but is sleeping after a heavy dose of painkillers and sedatives. I have reached office fully drenched in the most wretched of rains Delhi NCR has faced. It’s cold here and I’m just hoping that this doesn’t aggravate my side sprain right below my right side of the rib cage or run me into fever.

I’m tired frankly and can’t think of writing even one line of code. Sigh!!!